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"Benefits and prof ed/networking opps are amazing! I have been a member for two years now, and the ROI has been incredible. I am a one-person consulting shop in a suburban area, and being a member has provided me with tools to help me research funders, mentors from around the country to assist me with challenges I face, and high-quality, valuable and pertinent professional training opportunities. The professionalism and support offered by GPA inspired me to study for and achieve my GPCI credentialing this year, which has boosted my confidence further and has helped me win new clients. I cannot say enough how valuable GPA membership is for any grant professional. It provides very targeted resources for grant writers/administrators, and I just wish we had a local chapter as well." - Charlisa Garg
"GPA is a God-send to me. I am a new member, and I use your resources all the time, including attending chapter meetings in Chicago. Wish I had joined years ago!" - Janet DeRaleau
“Although I have only been a member for two weeks, I feel that I'm reaping the benefits of my affiliation with GPA. This weekend, I had an opportunity to explore GrantStation which was a real treat. I had considered a subscription but found it to be cost prohibitive. I'm pleased that my GPA membership grants me free access.” – Joy Morrill

“I’m a new member, and I am absolutely dazzled by the resources GPA is making available to me.  The scope and detail of the amazingly informative newsletter alone is worth the price of membership.” – Jane Peirce

“My main reason for renewing every year is because the GPA is the only professional association dedicated to the causes and concerns of grant professionals of all types.  A second reason is because of all the benefits. A third reason is the camaraderie that we as grant professionals need as we “battle” to secure grant funds!” – Denise Rivers

“Grants administration can be a solitary, often isolating activity, the requirements of which are frequently misunderstood by other staff and board members.  Membership in GPA provides a connection to an invaluable network of peer resources who know, value, and appreciate the work that you do, and are also willing to share information, best practices, and their own personal stories.  The sense of community and mutual understanding that results is like a shot of adrenalin, validating the importance of your work, and reassuring you that you are not alone.” – Martine Meredith Collier
“I work for a Foundation that supports a large healthcare system.  Membership in an established and nationally recognized organization such as GPA adds credibility to my position as a Grant Developer, as well as affording me professional development opportunities, such as the annual conference and networking.” – Philip Dickey
"Worth Every Penny! I've been a member of GPA for over 10 years and still believe, as I did when I first joined, that working with other professional grant writers will improve my skills and resources. This is a job where many of us work in one person departments, and the networking and professional development provided by GPA has made a big difference to me and to my employer!" - Florida member
"A huge help for my career! I have truly grown in my grant professional career thanks to GPA. Their conferences, networking sessions, Meet the Funder events, and education sessions help me learn and advance each year. It is great to have such a good support network." - Amy Shankland