Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Welcome to the Special Interest Group (SIG) Membership Program!

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities within GPA with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge or learning within their particular field and communicate during the year or face-to-face at the annual conference. There are 16 SIGs for our members to choose from. Each member has the opportunity to network with other individuals in the SIG(s) of their choice. Each SIG has a designated Chairperson that helps facilitate discussions.
To participate in a SIG discussion: Login to the GPA website and click on the "Your Account" link under your name. Click on GPA Community under Quick Links and scroll down to the section that lists the Special Interest Group forums. Click on the forum that you wish to participate in and then the Forum Options (settings wheel icon) and then "Watch This Forum". You will then be allowed to comment on posts, create new topics, etc. within the SIG.
To change your primary SIG: Login to the GPA website and click on the "Your Account" link under your name. Click on My Profile under the My Information section and scroll down until you see the Additional Information section. Select your primary SIG in the Special Interest Group drop-down box and then click the Save Changes button.
SIG Chair Chair
Advocacy/Social Justice    
Arts & Culture    
Consultants Lynne Mullen  
Faith-Based Debbie DiVirgilio  
Grant Management    
Healthcare Kristi Crawford  
Higher Education    
Human Services J. Bernard Bradley  
International Development Stephanie Caffee  
K-12 Education Michelle Robinson Neysa Jones
Libraries Karren Reish  
Public Safety Rebeka Ricardo Katie Johnston
Sciences Deborah Cook Michele Zacks
Tribal Nation Yvette Murray  

If you have any questions, or would like to take part in a SIG, please contact the GPA National Office at (913) 788-3000 or at staff@grantprofessionals.org.

If you are not a member of GPA, and would like to join, click here.