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8 Keys to Grant Strategy Success
Author: Robert P. Steward

The success of a grant fundraising effort is challenging to measure. Simple ratios that compare the number of grants submitted to the number funded don’t really reveal much. Grant fundraising success must be defined for each organization individually, in part by considering how appealing its organizational mission is by current public or foundation standards.

Advancing Hope for Black Men and Boys
May 15, 2014
Published by: Philanthropy News Digest - PhilanTopic

Building Relationships with Foundations
By: Sandy Rees
Courtesy of StepByStep Fundraising

“Relationship” is a key word in fundraising. As part of Fundraising 101 we learn that to be truly successful we must develop relationships with our donors. We learn that a single donation is merely a transaction and that’s not good enough to sustain our organization long term. To set ourselves up for success in the future, we must cultivate relationships with our donors. And foundations are no different.

Five Lesser-Known Sources Every Grant Writer Should Use
January 29, 2014
By: Heather Stombaugh, GPC
Article Published by Charity Channel

Grant writers are, for the most part, voracious readers. Many of us regularly read the Chronicle of Philanthropy and CharityChannel articles (thank you). Some of us read the Journal of the Grant Professionals Association, GPA Strategy Papers, blogs by other grant writers and development professionals, books on grant writing, and e-newsletters galore. As professionals, we’re duty-bound to continuous education, especially those of us who have secured a coveted GPC or CFRE credential. Reading from these sources makes us and our profession stronger.

Get Grants, Do Good! Blog
GPA Member: Jo Miller, GPC

Grant Writer's Blog - DH Leonard Consulting

GrantChat Blog

Heart Resources, LLC Project Blog
Heart Resources, LLC Blog - GPA Member: Katherine Heart, GPC

LMU CFR Blog - GPA Member: Martha Scheidler

Melissa Draut's Blog
Melissa Draut's Blog - GPA Member: Melissa Draut

The Value of Being Grant Professional Certified (GPC)
Author: Diane H. Leonard, GPC
Published: 11/20/2014

Recently, when #fundchat and #grantchat teamed up to talk about professional certifications for nonprofit fundraisers/grant professionals, as always with both communities, a thoughtful dialogue transpired.

As a Grant Professional Certified (GPC) through the Grant Professionals Certification Institute, I find I am often in the minority within the #fundchat community since much of the discussion talks about the many aspects of fundraising beyond just grant seeking. However, it was not until a community member asked what a GPC was and said that they had even quickly looked on Google to try and figure it out but were still without a definition that I thought it best if share a bit more about what a GPC is.

The Value of Collaboration Amongst Grant Writers
Author: Lauren Steiner, Grants Plus
A few years ago I was invited to speak at the Grants Professionals Association’s Midatlantic Conference in New Jersey. While I speak frequently on grant writing to a wide range of groups, this would be the first time I would speak to a group of my professional peers, people who did what I did every day. I did not know what to expect and walked in feeling trepidation about whether my tips on grant funder prospect research would be of any interest to my fellow grant writers.
From the moment I stepped into the conference center that day, I was overwhelmed with the camaraderie I felt. It was an instant sense of being among friends, where we could freely share knowledge, experiences, and information among each other on a deep and impactful level.

The Write Solution Blog
The Write Solution - GPA Member: Micki Vandeloo