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Strategy Paper - Volume 1 Issue 1
Program Expansion Versus Mission Creep: How to Know the Difference
By: Wendy Ernzen, MPA
Director, WSE Nonprofit Consulting
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Strategy_Papers_Volume_1_Issue_1.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 1 Issue 2
How Instructional Scaffolding Can Be Used in Faculty Grant Development
By: Bethany Lisi
Assistant Director of Foundation and Government Relations
Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
Strategy_Papers_Volume_1_Issue_2.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 1 Issue 3
Meaningful Data for Learning in the Arts
By: Dr. Rekha S. Rajan
Visiting Associate Professor of Research
Program Leader, Masters in Grant Writing, Management, and Evaluation
Concordia University Chicago
Strategy Papers Volume 1 Issue 3.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 1 Issue 4
Exploring Benchmarking: The Efficacy of Establishing Common Key Performance Indicators for Grant Fundraising
By: Tim Calabrese, Director, Conservation & Education Philanthropy, National Wildlife Federation &
Amanda Mason, Senior Manager, Conservation & Education Philanthropy, National Wildlife Federation
Strategy Papers Volume 1 Issue 4.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 2 Issue 1
Measuring Value: Beyond ROI – the True Grant Professionals' Worth
By: Danny Blitch, MPA, GPC, Grant Development Consultant, Windfield Timmons, LLC
David Broussard, GPC, Grants and Research Officer, WellStar Foundation
Strategy_Papers_Volume_2_Issue_1.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 2 Issue 2
More Than Common Ground: Leveraging Partnerships to Resource Your Cause
By: Jennifer A. Hurst, Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Tierra del Sol Foundation, Sunland, California
Strategy_Papers_Volume_2_Issue_2.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 2 Issue 3
Building Relationships and Shared Visions with Foundations through Integrated Marketing Communications and Social Media
By: Dr. Janell Harvey, DBA
Associate Professor, College of Business and Management
Devry University, Merrillville, Indiana
Strategy_Papers_Volume_2_Issue_3.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 2 Issue 4
The Evolving Use of Social Media by Funders
and Its Role in Prospect Research
By: Brenda Ray Scott, CFRE, Principal, Adept Diva Consulting
Strategy_Papers_Volume_2_Issue_4.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 2 Issue 5
Social Entrepreneurs and Grant Professionals: Sustaining Environmental and Energy Resources
Karen Harper-Dorton, PhD, MSW, MA, Professor, West Virginia University
Stacia J. Harper, BS, MS, ABD, Energy Econo
Strategy_Papers_Volume_2_Issue_5.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 2 Issue 6
Private Foundation Grants: Worth Every Penny for New and Emerging Nonprofits
By: Liz Kinne, GPC, Grant Pro Group, LLC
Strategy_Papers_Volume_2_Issue_6.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 2 Issue 7
How to Thrive When Grants Are the “Square Peg” of the Fundraising Infrastructure: Integrating Grantseeking and Traditional Fundraising
Rebecca Huenink, Grants Consultant, Hanover Research Teresa Wilke, MBA, Senior Grants Consultant, Hanover Research
Strategy_Papers_Volume_2_Issue_7.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 2 Issue 8
Face Time and Physical Proximity: Critical Elements for Improved Grant Management
Zoya Davis-Hamilton, Sr. Associate Director, Research Administration, Tufts University
Sarah Marina, Research Development Specialist, Tufts University
Deborah Grupp-Patrutz, Associate Vice Provost for Research Administration, Tufts University
Strategy_Papers_Volume_2_Issue_8.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 3 Issue 1
Grant Professionals and Web Development: An Opportunity to Transform Organizations at the Intersection of Strategy and Technology
By: Maggie Cunha, MPH
Grant Consultant, FreshGrants LLC
Strategy_Papers_Volume_3_Issue_1.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 3 Issue 2
Steps to Develop a Grantsmanship Degree Program
Authors: Phyl Renninger, Ph.D., GPC and Karen Stinson, Ed.D.
Published: June 28, 2016
Strategy_Papers_Volume_3_Issue_2.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 3 Issue 3
Growing Grant Professionals: A Snapshot of Two Community-Focused Educational Programs
By: Christina Leigh Deitz and Melissa Whipps
Strategy_Papers_Volume_3_Issue_3.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 3 Issue 4
Writing Grant Applications that Speak to Community Review
By: Leigh Nanney Hersey, PhD, Assistant Professor & MPA Coordinator, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Strategy_Papers_Volume_3_Issue_4.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 4 Issue 1
U.S. Department of Education Proposals: Preparing for the "New Normal"
By: Michael Preuss, Ed.D. and Paul Tuttle
Strategy_Papers_Volume_4_Issue_1.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 4 Issue 2
The Use of Active Voice and Passive in Grant Applications
By: Barbara Roberts, MA
Strategy_Papers_Volume_4_Issue_2.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 5 Issue 1
Executive Orders Under the Trump Administration: Emerging Trends and Recommendations for Grant Professionals
Author: Katherine Moose Hunt, MPA, Global Programs Manager at Susan G. Komen
Published on: February 20, 2018
Strategy_Papers_Volume_5_Issue_1.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 5 Issue 2
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Grantseeking and Resource Development
By: Maureen Stabile, GPC
Grants Supervisor at Township High School District 214, Arlington Heights, IL
Strategy_Papers_Volume_5_Issue_2.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 6 Issue 1
How Can I Be a Better Mentor in the Grants Profession? Best Practices for Mentors
Author: Dr. Mollie Bond, Ed.D., Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations at Moody Bible Institute
Strategy_Papers_Volume_6_Issue_1.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 6 Issue 2
Designing Performance Metrics for Grant Professionals: Recommendations from the Field
Authors: Amanda Ellinger Neese, MRA, Grants Management Specialist, Liberty University
Julie A. Boll, Med, GPC, Owner, Principal Grant Writer, Julie Boll Consulting
Strategy_Papers_Volume_6_Issue_2.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 6 Issue 3
Leveraging the Role of the Grant Professional in an Organization for Maximum Success
Author: Andrea V. Ferreira, MPH- Director, Foundation Relations and Research Advancement, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Boston, MA
Strategy_Papers_Volume_6_Issue_3.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Strategy Paper - Volume 6 Issue 4
Improving Nonprofit Sustainability with Focused and Engaged Strategic Planning
Author: S. Kimberly Jones, MAS, GPC
Strategy_Papers_Volume_6_Issue_4.pdf [DOWNLOAD]