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2002 Journal of the AAGP - Fall
Articles Include: Contextualizing the Grants Profession; The Changing Nature of Public School Finance and Its Effects; Grants as Part of a Capital Campaign; Developing Grant Procedures; Grantseeking & the Internet; Grant Management: A Critical Component of a Total Grants Program
Fall 2002.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2003 Journal of the AAGP - Fall
Articles Include: Doom and Gloom; The Grantsmanship Game: Playing to Win; Changes in Grant Proposals Brought about by No Child Left Behind and the New Focus of the White House on Faith-Based and Community-Based Initiatives; Interview with a Program Officer II; Diary of a Grants Professional; Using Logic Models in Grant Development; Proposal Development: A Team Approach; The Common Good: A Missio If We Choose to Accept It; Professional Certification: The Practical Side – To Be or Not to Be
Fall03.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2003 Journal of the AAGP - Spring
Articles Include: Interview with a Program Officer; Developing Support For Grant Projects Within Your Organization; The Grant Developer’s Dilemma: A Call for Understanding Program Evaluation; Factors that Lead to the Creation of the Grant Proposal Writer Position in Public Schools; Identifying Professional Competencies; A Professional Association: The First Five Years.
spring 2003.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2004 Journal of the AAGP - Fall
Articles Include: A History of Philanthropic Foundations; Grant Writing in the Age of Collaboration; Using the Budget to Tell Your Story; Capacity Building Grants: Funding Your Mission from the Inside Out; I Am My Own Development Office; Grantee/Grantor Relationships: A Research Study; The Joys and Sorrows of Grant Writing: Navigating the Unpredictable Waters of Higher Education; The Grant Writer: Coach, Collaborator, Project Development Specialist; Searching for Research
JournalF04fnl.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2004 Journal of the AAGP - Spring
Articles Include: Program Development: Which Comes First, Collaboration or Grant Writing?; Grants as a Viable Strategy for Public Schools; Percentage fees: The Troll Under the Bridge; Strategies for Securing Corporate Support; Grant Readiness; Social Capital: The Currency of Grant Professionals; The Future of Federal Education Grants since the No Child Left Behind Act; Why Every Public School Needs a Grant Writer; AAGP Member’s Potential Role in Creating the Position.
Spring Summer 04 issue.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2005 Journal of the AAGP - Spring
Show and Tell: Disseminating Evaluation Results; The Grant Profession: Avoiding Common Pitfalls; Freelance Grant Writers; You’ve Got the Grant, Now What? Post-Award Administration and the Grants Professional; Matching Evaluation to Your Project and Organization; Grants in a Nutshell: Grants and Steps in Developing a Grant Proposal
Spring_Summer_05.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2006 Journal of the AAGP - Winter
Articles Include: Developing Communities of Practice to Support Grant Development; Foundation Perception of Nonprofit Fundraising Communication; Approaches to Tribal Grant Writing and Project Planning; Ten Ways to Reduce Organizational Stress for a More Positive Place to Work
Winter2006Journal-final22306.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2006 Monograph: A Series of Papers on the Topic of Professionalization In the Grant Field - Fall
Articles Include: Professionalization of the Grants Field: A Sociological Look at the Field's Movement toward Full Professionalization; An Emerging Vocation: The Grant Profession; Setting the Standards for the Grants Profession: Identification and Validation of the Competencies and Skills; A Literature Search for the Purpose of the Grant Professional Certification
Monograph - A SERIES OF PAPERS-FINAL version.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2007 Journal of the AAGP - Fall
Articles Include: An Exploratory Study of the Fairness of Grant Review Panels; Conflict of Interest in the Grant Professions; Commentary: Grant Scams; Case History: The Choice Between Survival; Ethics: Working for a Grant Scam Company.
FINAL fall 2007 journal.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2007 Journal of the AAGP - Spring
Articles Include: Tune Up your Writing-for-Publication Skills: The Editor Awaits; Designing Grant Proposals and Evaluation Plans in the Age of No Child Left Behind; Occupational Regulation of Grant Professionals; Evaluating the Role of the Local Campus Coach in Reading First Schools; The Design Team for Program or Project Development; Strategic Planning: Five Steps to a More Secure Future (reprint courtesy Philanthropy News Digest).
JournalSpring07fullsizeFINAL060407.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2008 Journal of the AAGP - Fall
Articles Include: Grant Professionals as Social Entrepreneurs; Getting Your Organization Grant-Ready; Moving Out of the “Stranger Pile”: Relationship Building for Grant Writers; All in the Family: A Mother and Daughter Use the Same Skills for Large and Midsize Employers; Avoiding Mission Sway in Grant Seeking; Group Approach to Studying for the Grant Professional Certification Exam; Missed Opportunities: Taking Care of Donors with Jane Austen; Unlocking the Mystery of; Winning Federal Grants for Transportation Projects: The Phoenix Success Story.
AAGP2008final.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2009 Journal of the AAGP - Fall
Articles Include: How to Help Reviewers Evaluate Your Government Grant Proposals Quickly and Effortlessly; Grantsmanship and the University: Five Strategies for Grant Professionals Working with Faculty; Creating Impact with Policymakers: Cases of Building Cross-Sector Partnerships to Build Stronger Programs and Grant Applications; The Compensation Differential Between Female and Male Members of the American Association of Grant Professionals; The Importance of Creating Project Buy-In During the Grant Proposal Process; Maximizing Community Resources: Nonprofit Collaborations with University Service-learning Programs.
AAGP2009web.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2010 Journal of the GPA - Fall
Articles Include: Responding in the Twitter Age: Proposal Writing for Electronic Applications; Beyond the Dollars: Effective Strategies for Demonstrating Success as a Grant Professional; Strategies for Successful Site Visits: Tips and Techniques for Grant Professionals and Managers; A New Architecture of Grant Writing: Lessons from the 2008 Presidential Campaign Trail; Why Grant Applications Fail; The New Age of Accountability: Linking Activities to Outcomes and Cost; Grant Professionals as Funder Liaisons and Organizational Shapers; The Intricacies of Grant Consultation: Working Well with Clients of All Myers-Briggs Personality Types.
2010GPAJournal.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2011 Journal of the GPA - Fall
Articles Include: Signals of Support: Cultural Policy’s Shifting Rationales for Funding of the Arts; Sustainability Savvy: the Real Key to Maintaining Grant-funded Service Programs; The Unethical Practice of Commissioned Grant Development Services: Causes and Remedies; Organizational Development and the Grant Application Process; Grants Management and Project Management: Partnering to Develop Successful Post-Award Activities; A Grant Support Office Within an Academic Medical Center: A Model for Facilitating Competitive Proposals; How Critical is Training?: Impact of a Semester-long Proposal Writing Course on Obtaining Grant Funding; Teaching Grantsmanship in a Nonprofit Leadership Class; The Grant Lab Experiment: Creating a Grant Writing Laboratory; Issues in Teaching; Learning about Grants.
2011GPAJournal.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2012 Journal of the GPA - Fall
Articles Include: A Summary of the Study Guide Developed for the Grant Professionals Certification Examination; Adapting the University of Missouri’s Grant Writer Network Model of Collaboration to Community Settings; Grant Professionals: Profession Retention and Length of Service Rates; Education and Development for Grant Professionals and Social Entrepreneurs in the Nonprofit Sector; Issues in Grants Education and Research:Creating Student-Centered Online Courses; Grant Professionals in Grant-Funded Positions: Challenges and Legacies; Key Skills and Behaviors of Successful Grant Professionals.
2012GPAjournalWeb.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2013 Journal of the GPA - Fall
Articles Include: Strategies and Benefits of Using the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Writing Style in Grant Proposals; The Power of Persuasion: The Sustainability of Externally-Funded Projects in Higher Education After Funding Expires; Knowledge Management in Proposal Development: Grant Professionals’ Innovations in Information Storage, Retrieval, and Sharing; Increasing Grant and Research-Related Compliance through Website Modification; How to Deal With Deadlines; Building Community Capacity Through Grant Development Collaborations in Public Health Settings: A Case Study; Strategies for Avoiding Internal and External Grant Scams; Moving from Outputs to Outcomes in the Public Health Sector: A Case Study.
2013GPAJournalWeb.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2014 Journal of the GPA - Fall
Articles Include: The Rapid Growth of Donor Advised Funds and the Role of the Grant Professional; Practical Considerations of Direct Versus Indirect Costs for Higher Education; Competency-based Curriculum Development, Instruction and Assessment for Grant-Related Professional Competencies; Advancing Organizational Development: Strategies for Overcoming Fixed Budgeting Challenges; The Needs Assessment: Making the Connection Between Data and the Nonprofit Story; Silos and the Need for Collaboration and Communication: A Case Study of a Kepner-Tregoe Situation Appraisal; Revisiting the Logic Model
2014GPAJournalWeb.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2015 Journal of the GPA - Fall
Articles Include: Using Scaffolding Approaches in Organizational Decision-Making on Grant Funding; The Grant Divide: Bridging the Gap Between the Grant and Accounting Worlds; The Impact of Cultural Barriers on Successful Funding Partnerships: A Case Study of SKIP; Artistic Assessment: Strategies for Grant Professionals in Documenting Learning in the Arts; Exploring the National Philanthropic Infrastructure: Opportunities for Grantseekers; The Impact of the Demand for Program Evaluation on Professional Fundraisers; Building a GPA Chapter from a Social Networking Group; Collective Value, Collective Power: One- and Four-Year Comparative Analyses of National Grant Professionals Impact Survey Data; The Importance of Mentoring Junior Faculty; Proposal Writers’ Role in Creating and Managing Organizational Memory: Adding Value to the Grants Profession Beyond Fundraising; The Rapid Growth of Social Media and Impact on the Grants Profession: Social Media as a Tool for Grant Professionals from Research Through Grant Management
_2015GPAJournalweb_FINAL.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 Journal of the GPA - Fall
Journal Articles Include: Using Altmetrics to Effectively Support and Evaluate Grant Proposals; Breaking Up the Blog Jam: How to Help Newly-Minted PhDs Develop Proposal Writing Skills in the Swift Currents of Academia; Best Practices in the Effective Use of Project Management Tools in the Grants Lifecycle; The Who, What, and Why of Creating a Robust Community Needs Assessment Survey Template; Practical Considerations of Direct Versus Indirect Costs for Nonprofit Organizations; Connecting the Silos: Building a Rural Grants Program

Strategy Papers Include: Grant Professionals and Web Development: An Opportunity to Transform Organizations at the Intersection of Strategy and Technology; Steps to Develop a Grantsmanship Degree Program; Growing Grant Professionals: A Snapshot of Two Community-Focused Educational Programs; Writing Grant Applications that Speak to Community Review
_2016GPAJournalweb.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2017 Journal of the GPA - Fall
Volume 15, Number 1
ISSN: 2167-6674

Journal Articles Include:
Strategic Planning for Central Grants Offices: A Case Study;
Increasing Writing Efficiency by Employing Content Library Tools;
Using Service Learning to Teach Graduate Students Grant Development for the Cultural Sector;
Grant Readiness Score: Analyzing Strengths and Areas for Improvement;
Essential Features of Nonprofit Sustainability: Towards Clarity for Grants Professionals

Strategy Papers Include:
U.S. Department of Education Proposals: Preparing for the "New Normal";
The Use of Active Voice and Passive in Grant Applications
2017GPAjournal.pdf [DOWNLOAD]