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Auditing Committee Report
Example of what an auditing committee can do for your chapter.
Auditing Committee Report (2).docx [DOWNLOAD]

Board of Directors - Swearing in Ceremony Template
BOD-Swearing In Ceremony.doc [DOWNLOAD]

Chapter Leadership Roster
Chapter Leadership Roster.doc [DOWNLOAD]

GPA-AZ 2006 Call for Nominations Example
GPA-AZ 2006 Call for Nominations Example.doc [DOWNLOAD]

GPA-AZ 2016 Chapter Officer Nomination Form
GPANominate2017Slate.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

MVGPA Board Application
Example application for the board of the chapter that has been used by the Miami Valley Chapter.
MVGPA Board Application.doc [DOWNLOAD]

Officer Installation - AZ Example
Example of how to do Officer Installation.
Officer Installation - AZ Example.doc [DOWNLOAD]

St. Louis Chapter Annual Report 2009
Example of what a chapter annual report could look like.
STL GPA annual report 2009.doc [DOWNLOAD]

Strategic Plan Template
Example of a chapter strategic plan. Provided by Miami Valley Chapter - Revised 06.02.11
Strategic Plan - GPAMVO rev 6.2.11.doc [DOWNLOAD]

Tasks Election Procedure Template
Template of tasks to complete for the election procedure of the chapter.
Tasks Election Procedure Template.doc [DOWNLOAD]

Volunteer Assurances Form Example
Volunteer Assurances form for peer review program within a chapter.
Volunteer Assurances Form Example.doc [DOWNLOAD]

Webinar Invite Example - Miami Valley Chapter
Example of a webinar invite.
Webinar invite example - MV Chapter.doc [DOWNLOAD]