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Diving Into Ethics
By Leslie Mitchell, GPC
GPA Ethics Committee Chair

In deciding on a topic for this article, I read the GPA Code of Ethics again and found myself returning to the first standard, “Members shall act according to the highest ethical standards of their institutions, profession, and conscious.” Most professional codes of ethics probably have a very similar standard. Seems simple and straightforward. Or does it? What I have learned during my involvement with the ethics committee over the past few years is that none of this work is ever easy. Let’s look at this standard a little more.

DivingintoEthics-hsproofed.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

Ethics in the Grants Profession
Ethics in the Grant Profession
Just About Compensation? Think Again.
by Cheryl Weiner, MBA, GPC, GPA Ethics Committee

Ethics in the Grant Profession.docx [DOWNLOAD]

The GPA Code of Ethics and Grant Awards – What Do They Have in Common?
Author: Belinda Orrill, GPC
TheGPACodeofEthicsandGrantAwards.docx.pdf [DOWNLOAD]