Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives are the liaison between headquarters and potential and existing GPA Chapters within a defined geographic area.
  • The Regional Representative work with headquarters to ensure chapters have the support and assistance needed to start up, to succeed, and to grow.
  • In the absence of a Regional Representative, a Regional Representative from a neighboring region; a member of the Chapter Advisory Task Force; a GPA board member; or a staff member may assist in chapter formation or provide technical assistance to chapters.
  • GPA will have eight Regional Representatives, one covering each region as designated below.
Region 1 Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada,
Oregon, Washington
Region 5 Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont
Representative: Rick Horton Representative: Ellen Gugel
Region 2 Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana,
New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Region 6 Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia
Representative: Heather Patel Representative: Lisa Chutjian
Region 3 Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North
Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
Region 7 Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
Representative: Lori Booth Representative: Jodi Pearl
Region 4 Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio Region 8 Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana,
Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas
Representative: TBA Representative: Gayla Rawlinson-Maynard
The Regional Representative position is a volunteer position with opportunities for travel and expense reimbursements. If you are interested in becoming a Regional Representative, please read the Regional Representative Manual for all qualifications and expectations then submit an Application. (Both are linked below).

For any further questions, contact Headquarters at or 913-788-3000.

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