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President's Award

2018 GPA President's Award Recipient
Allison Boyd, GPC - Texas


Past Recipients

2017 GPA President's Award Recipient
Janeen Gaskins, GPC - Arizona

2016 GPA President's Award Recipients
Debbie DiVirgilio, GPC - Maryland

2015 GPA President's Award Recipient
Johna Rodgers, GPC - Kentucky


2014 GPA President's Award Recipients
Barb Boggs and Kelli Romero - Kansas City, KS


2013 President's Award Recipient
Lisa Jackson (left) - St. Petersburg, FL

2012 President's Award Recipient
Cheryl Kester - Fayetteville, AR

2011 President's Award Recipient
Barbara Roberts - Cincinnati, OH (left) & Amy Lamborg - Hamilton, OH (right)


2010 President's Award Recipient
Eden Freeman - Sandy Springs, GA (left)

2009 President's Award Recipient
Teri Blandon - Silver Spring, MD (left) and Cynthia Oda - Indianapolis, IN (right)

2008 President's Award Recipient
Carole Brooks - Gages Lake, IL

2007 President's Award Recipient
Bill Smith - Nashville, TN (left)

2006 President's Award Recipient
Iris Coffin - Perry, IA

2005 President's Award Recipient
James Kopp - Phoenicia, NY

2004 President's Award Recipient
Stephen Nill - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (right)