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Nomination Instructions

A nomination to the Grant Professionals’ Class of Distinguished Fellows must be submitted by April 30, 2019 to be considered for this year’s Class of Distinguished Fellows.

All submissions must be submitted electronically to

Inquires or questions should be directed to:

Grant Professionals’ Class of Distinguished Fellows
10881 Lowell Avenue Suite 190
Overland Park, KS  66210
Nomination forms should be submitted electronically through the application. Nomination forms submitted in paper form must be received at Grant Professionals Headquarters Office by April 15. Nominating one's self is not permissible. All nominees will be considered primarily on the merits of his or her contributions to the grant profession and on their character.
The nomination submission must include the following:
  1. The nomination application itself, completed in its entirety. The nomination application should be typed. The application is available on the Grant Professionals Class of Distinguished Fellows web site ( as a Word document to download, complete and print out. Printed materials are due by April 15 to be considered in the review of nominees. 
  2. A minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) letters of recommendation. These letters of recommendation should be limited to one typewritten page each. 
  3. Additional supporting documentation of not more than eight (8) of the following: newspaper/magazine articles, blog posts, event programs, program pages, professional recognition or other such materials to substantiate the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions. These materials should focus on the grant profession accomplishments and contributions and should be arranged in chronological order. These items should be included with the application, either uploaded with the electronic submission or photocopied if submitting a printed nomination. DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS.  Do not staple pages together. In cases where such substantiating materials are difficult to obtain, additional letters of recommendation may be substituted. 
  4. Highlights and/or testimonials regarding their career, with emphasis on the grants profession accomplishments. These shall not include videos/photography to avoid any implicit or explicit bias. 
  5. A statement of attestation indicating that the information being submitted on the nomination form is true and that the nominator and nominee abide by the GPA Code of Ethics. 
All information submitted will be retained by the Grant Professionals Headquarters Office.

Candidates whose careers predate more contemporary nominees will be considered against the accomplishments of nominees from their time period, as much as it is possible. It is suggested additional support material be included, such as letters from individuals who had some involvement with the nominee.

Nominations for the Class of Distinguished Fellows will be reviewed by a Screening Committee and (a) approved and sent to the Selection Committee; (b) put on “hold”; or (c) placed in the “inactive” category. The “Hold for Future Consideration” category means a nominee may be considered again for induction and additional information and supportive material would be helpful before future consideration. “Inactive” indicates the nominee no longer will be considered for Class of Distinguished Fellows induction unless re-nominated. A one-year waiting period is required before re-nomination.

Once a nomination is approved by the Screening Committee it is sent to the Selection Committee for consideration. If the nominee is not selected for induction by the Selection Committee, it is placed in the “Hold for Future Consideration” category and automatically re-submitted to the Screening Committee the following year. The nomination, however, will be considered for no more than three consecutive years. If the nominee is not selected for induction during this three-year period, the nomination becomes “inactive.” An individual whose nomination becomes “inactive” no longer will be considered for induction until re-nominated. Again, a one-year waiting period is required before re-nomination.

The Grant Professionals’ Class of Distinguished Fellows Induction Ceremony will be held at the GPA Annual Conference each year. Individuals selected for induction as a member of the Class of Distinguished Fellows Class, as well as the individuals nominating them, will be notified in writing of their induction no later than March 1. They may be asked to provide additional biographical information at that time.

For more information on the nomination and selection process, or for answers to questions arising from these instructions, please call the Grant Professionals’ Headquarters Office at (913) 788-3000.