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Live Streaming Recordings from the 2018 GPA Annual Conference

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Sessions are as follows:

  • Top 10 Audit Findings and What to Avoid
    Presenter: Karen Norris
    Your next audit is just around the corner. You’ll need to be mindful of the uniform guidance requirements, the annual compliance supplement, program statutes and federal agency regulations, as well as state and local regulations. Federal agencies, auditors and auditees have a lot to monitor and even more to manage. Despite best efforts, it seems the same audit findings habitually create challenges year after year among most recipients and programs. How can you better prepare and avoid findings? What are the consequences of noncompliance? What are the differences between unintentional acts such as improper payments and intentional acts such as fraud, waste, and abuse, and how should they be resolved or handled? What if an audit finding was not accurate? Should a nonfederal entity appeal or dispute a finding and what options are available? Learn to recognize the usual suspects and what to do about them.  

  • Grants and the Capital Campaign
    Presenter: Cheryl Kester, CFRE, GPC

    Is your organization facing a capital or comprehensive campaign? Come discuss how grants can and should fit into the planning and execution as well as how to head off unrealistic expectations. Multi-year, high dollar goal campaigns are becoming more common. In fact, it seems as if some organizations launch one campaign after another. In addition to capital projects, campaigns today usually include multiple components, such as annual fund, program development, endowment, or scholarships. Often, outside campaign counsel comes on board.How does the grant professional fit into campaign-driven fundraising? Strategically. It can also be an opportunity to further demonstrate your worth to your organization.
  • Inside the Grantmaker’s Black Box: What Really Happens AFTER You Push SUBMIT!
    Presenter: Maryn Boess
    Join veteran grants officer Maryn Boess for a unique journey into one grantmaker’s funding process – and find out what really happens inside the Grantmaker’s Black Box – after you push SUBMIT! You know that feeling on deadline day, when you finally push the SUBMIT button and say goodbye to your lovingly-crafted, mission-critical grant proposal as it disappears – vanishing entirely for weeks, sometimes months, sometimes even forever – as you wait to find out whether it’s going to be funded or not. That space between “submit” on one side – and “notification” on the other – is what we call the Grantmaker’s Black Box. That’s where all the work goes on for the grantmaking team – the program officer, reviewers, decision-makers. That’s where everything happens to decide which proposals are awarded … and which aren’t.

    In this eye-opening session, you’ll join veteran grants officer Maryn Boess for a unique journey into the heart of the Grantmaker’s Black Box as we venture into one grantmaker’s funding process. Together we’ll take a high-level flyover of her own organization’s recent real-life grantmaking round on the way to awarding a total of $600,000. 

  • Pet Peeves of Funders
    Presenter: Lydia Howie, GPC

    Survey results on what funders recommend you NEVER do, and key lessons to learn. Gain unique insight into proper funder-awardee protocol that will improve your grant success and retention rates. This presentation will feature the results of a survey the presenter did with a cross section of corporate, private, community and family foundations who were willing to share their experiences and insights on the grant giving process. 

    Funders were asked about their “pet peeves” regarding a variety of topics including submissions, ask amounts, relationship building, sustainability, post award, stewardship, and more. While this presentation will give you an occasional chuckle, the key takeaways are serious. Attendees will learn proper funder-awardee protocol that will improve your grant success and retention rates. Gain a unique insight into what funders think, what constitutes a good funder-awardee relationship, and tips that will increase your likelihood of being funded and maintaining funding.

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