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GPA Journal

Call for Journal Submissions

We are now accepting manuscript proposals for the 2020 Journal! Submissions may be made at any time throughout the year and authors are encouraged to contact with any questions. The final cutoff date for proposal submissions for the 2020 Journal is January 31, 2020.

Please email your submission to

The Grant Professionals Association (GPA) is actively seeking contributions to our peer reviewed Journal. Contributions are welcomed from GPA members as well as from non-members.

Contributing scholarly topics in the grants field is a great way to share information, stay abreast of developments in our profession, and increase the rigor of our peer-reviewed publication as an industry standard of excellence. With over 3,000 current members internationally, publishing in the Journal also provides many opportunities to showcase our membership skills and subject matter expertise.
Our priorities are articles that address new ideas in our field, contribute research-based information, provide a case study or best practices, and examine any of the competencies and skills described in the GPC Table of Validated Competencies and Skills
Submissions are welcomed on a rolling basis throughout the year to be considered for our next Journal edition. As a first step, prospective authors should submit a 100-300 word summary of the proposed manuscript. 
Requirements for manuscript proposals (please use articles from past Journals as a model):
  • Submit in Word format, Arial 12 font, 1 inch margins, no more than 300 words.
  • Provide the title of the proposed paper and author information (name, title, organization, e-mail address)
  • Identify 1-3 GPC competencies addressed
  • Comply with APA guidelines in the text for proper grammar, syntax, and formatting style in professional and research articles. The Journal’s exceptions to APA guidelines include:
              o Only one space following final punctuation marks, such as periods;
              o No running heads;
              o Single spaced lines of text;
              o Arial instead of Times New Roman font.
  • Watch for these common issues, which frequently require correction in Journal submissions; casual tone, use of contractions, personal pronouns, and passive verb forms instead of the preferred active verb forms.
Please submit your contributions and any questions via email to