International Grant Professionals Day
March 9, 2018

International Grant Professionals Day is the annual celebration to recognize and show appreciation to all grant professionals. Take time to celebrate the administrators, consultants, managers, grant-makers and grant proposal developers for their beneficial contributions to people, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. IGPD is about honoring grant seekers, grant makers, and grant project managers.

Every day, grant professionals work diligently, often behind the scenes, to seek grant opportunities, administer projects and implement important programs that benefit many aspects of society such as children, youth, elderly, the disadvantaged, the environment, the arts, education, libraries, hospitals, etc. These talented professionals are dedicated to providing the highest standard of ethics, quality program development, thoughtful project implementation and wise financial stewardship. Often, those standards extend beyond the mere financial and include capacity support, long term solutions to challenges, fundraising assistance, expert project management, sustainable programming and so much more.

International Grant Professionals Day increases awareness internationally of the work grant professionals perform.  Events planned for this day encourage grant professionals and their organizations to celebrate themselves, the profession and highlight important issues faced by grant professionals.

GPA Chapter Celebrations
GPA Chapter members and local leaders will plan events to advance the professionalism of the field. The events get chapters involved in community outreach and working in tandem with other organizations.  GPA is a professional organization that builds and supports a community of grant professionals committed to serving the greater public good.  We have partnered in this effort with GPCI, the grant profession’s organization that is dedicated to promoting competency and ethical practices within the field of grantsmanship, and the Grant Professionals Foundation (GPF), the fundraising partner ensuring the resources are available to train, credential and advocate for all grant professionals.
Learn about how you can host a chapter or community level event by checking out our toolkit and resources.

Partners of IGPD
Grant professionals everywhere rely on the efforts and expertise of our partners. Without these service providers many grant projects would not succeed. Hand in hand these professionals serve the common good. The world needs more partners like ours!
Become a partner of International Grant Professionals Day.
Learn how to thank a partner on Grant Professionals Day.

Documents and Samples

International Grant Professionals Day Press Release
International Grant Professionals Day Proclamation
Click here to access the IGPD Resource Center with documents and logos to help assist you in promoting the event.
Letter from GPA, GPF and GPCI to celebrate IGPD
Grant Memes
Thank You e-Card Examples