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Chapter Performance Rewards (CPR) Program

Formerly the chapter portion of the “Member Get a Member Campaign”, the newly re-designed “Chapter Performance Rewards” (CPR) program still rewards chapters for recruiting and retaining members. All chapters that have been chartered for a year or more at the start of the tracking period qualify for the CPR Program.  

The program is now divided into three categories of chapters by membership size: small (25 or fewer members), medium (26-50 members) and large (51+ members).  This way chapters can be recognized among chapters of similar size.

ee below for a list of the 2019 Chapter Performance Reward winners!  These chapters worked hard to recruit and retain their chapter members and were rewarded with GPA Bucks, free GPA memberships and Annual Conference Memberships!

Congratulations to all the winners and here’s hoping your chapter is on the list in 2020!

And the winners are...
Most Members Recruited:
*Any ties were broken using % increased growth
Highest % of Members Retained:
First Place 2019 (Sm)   Greater Bay Area (21)
(Med)  North Carolina (23)
(Lg)     Chicago (32)
(Sm)   Nevada (84%)
(Med) Central Iowa (89%)
(Lg)    New Jersey (79%)
Second Place 2019   (Sm)    Southern Arizona (13)
(Med)  South Carolina (18)
(Lg)     Georgia (30)
(Sm)   Southeastern PA (79%)
(Med)  North Carolina (79%)
(Lg)    Indiana (77%)
Third Place 2019 (Sm)    Southeastern PA (13)
(Med)  Greater Cincinnati (15)
(Lg)     Austin-Central Texas (27)
(Sm)   San Diego County (75%)
(Med)  South Carolina (78%)
(Lg)     Southeast Texas (74%)