Volunteers Needed

Are you interested in becoming more involved in your professional association? This could be your chance!

The GPA Publications Committee (committee in charge of the GPA Journal, Strategy Papers and Grant News) is seeking the following:

Call for Applications to be the Chair of the Publications Committee Acquisitions Sub-Committee. Lead a newly formed committee effort to take advantage of new and old approaches to increasing manuscript proposal submissions for publication in the Journal of the GPA, the GPA Strategy Papers, and the Grant News weekly e-newsletter. Must have some fluency in or understand the options available in social media. Must enjoy delegating responsibility and working with a team. Time commitment, 3-4 hours/month. If interested, please submit resume and cover letter describing relevant interest and experience to kelli@grantprofessionals.org

Call for Volunteers to be Members of the Publications Committee Acquisitions Sub-Committee. Support the efforts of this newly formed committee to increase submissions to the Journal of the GPA, the GPA Strategy Papers, and the Grant News weekly e-newsletter. Use your knowledge of information dissemination to attract authors with good ideas to the GPA publications. Time commitment 1-2 hours/month. If interested, please email kelli@grantprofessionals.org.

Peer reviewers needed! If you would like a low-key way to become more involved in GPA, volunteering as a peer reviewer with the GPA’s Publication Committee is a good way to do that. You can choose to review Strategy Papers (up to five pages long) or Journal articles (up to 11 pages long), or both. You will use a rubric and rate each article individually. The reviews are double-blind, so the authors don't know who makes the comments, and you won’t know whose article you’re reviewing. And if you are having a very busy time in your work or personal life, you can say “no” to reviewing until a more convenient time. We have a peer-reviewer training coming up soon, so if you’re interested, please send a resume and brief cover letter describing your interest in becoming a peer reviewer to Kelli@grantprofessionals.org by February 22. Join in and help us increase the quality and professionalism of our publications!

Deadline for submission: February 16 & 22 (see above)