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Alan Tiano, GPC, CGMS

Brief background statement including education, training and career path:
I have over twenty years of experience in the grant field. I have been a COO of a large nonprofit, an independent grant consultant, and a grant administrator for county government. In 1983 I acquired a Bachelor's degree in English and Liberal Arts. I was one of the first persons to obtain a GPC (Class of 2007), and I served as President of the South Florida Chapter for three years. Recently, I acquired a GCMS from the NGMA. My career has been more of an unintended outcome, than a “path”. I've always been open to change and opportunities that life presents.

Current professional position and description of grant-related duties:

I am the, Grant Administrator, Broward County, FL. Position requires advanced management and leadership skills. Oversees pre and post award assistance on Federal and State grants to county agencies, such as Environmental Protection & Growth Management, Public Works, Transit, Human Services, Economic Development, Port Everglades, and Aviation. Responsible for programmatic compliance, and the development of policies and procedures.

A statement of your vision/direction for GPA and how you see us achieving this:

I have been a member of GPA since 2005, and I've witnessed many changes in the grant profession, as well as our Association that supports us. I see GPA promoting the expansion of new professionals in our field. We should adapt our modes of communication to accommodate the needs and styles of the younger workforce; develop collaborations with universities, NPOs, and government agencies; and establish formal grant internships meant to inspire and train the next generation of Grant Professionals. It is one way to promote the  grant profession, and raise the level of competency of those entering the field.

Given resource restraints, what suggestions would you make to move GPA forward?

We should closely track legislative shifts, in the ever-changing funding environment. Various federal agencies are changing their funding priorities. These changes affect state funds, and foundation priorities often shift to fill the newly created gaps. Timely knowledge of what is taking place can improve the success of grant applications. Grant consultants make up an increasing number GPA membership. They need a great deal of support to be successful. We should offer opportunities to learn best practices in business, marketing, and collaboration.

Involvement in a national, fast-growing organization is extremely time-consuming. What is your availability and how much time can you devote to GPA (please be specific)?

I gladly commit the time necessary to fulfill the obligations of the Board position. This includes time to review materials in advance and arrive at the meetings prepared and ready. I am available to travel to attend board meetings, and accessible to assist With any urgent situations that may require Board involvement. I have the full support of Broward County Administration to join the GPA Board.