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Sue Jetter, GPC

Brief background statement including education, training and career path:
I hold a B.A. in Music Therapy and my initial jobs in the non-profit world taught me that hands-on social service work was not for me. I then transitioned to administration, earned my MPA and found my passion in grants. I joined GPA in 2002 and tested for my GPC with the inaugural group in 2007. I have more than 25 years of experience in the grants profession and have worked on a wide range of projects including infrastructure, recreation, domestic violence prevention and community paramedicine.

Current professional position and description of grant-related duties:
For the past 13 years I have worked from home as a grants consultant in a rural community in southeastern Washington State. I have a unique Community Partnership retainer contract where my services are shared between two small cities, an economic development group and a public hospital district. I also occasionally contract with other local clients on a project-by-project basis to prepare proposals or do prospect research. About 80% of my current work is with state and federal applications.

A statement of your vision/direction for GPA and how you see us achieving this:
I joined GPA because I felt isolated doing grants work in a small rural town and I was seeking quality training. As many have said, “At GPA I found my people!”  There is a lot of ‘noise’ in the grants world. By implementing the adopted plans to become the recognized grants authority and expand professional development opportunities, GPA will cut through the noise with a strong, ethical and informed voice. In this way, we will continue to connect with grant professionals and keep on growing.

Given resource restraints, what suggestions would you make to move GPA forward?
The Strategic Plan adopted in 2017 has set a clear path forward for GPA. We have strength in a top-notch CEO and staff and hundreds of willing, capable volunteers to help us reach our goals. If we continue to use that plan as our roadmap, regularly monitor our progress, work closely with our affiliates (GPCI and GPF) and listen to the advice of our CEO on optimal resource allocation, I believe that we can make decisions that will increase value for current members and strengthen our industry.

Involvement in a national, fast-growing organization is extremely time-consuming. What is your availability and how much time can you devote to GPA (please be specific)?
I am running for my second term on the Board of Directors, so I have a clear understanding of the time commitment involved. During my first term I reviewed meeting packet materials, attended 100% of meetings, maintained committee/task force involvement, fulfilled liaison tasks, and served as 2019 Board Secretary. I do not foresee any change in my consulting workload over the next three years and am confident I can devote the time required to continue my service on the GPA Board.