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Tiffany Hatfield

Brief background statement including education, training and career path:
My education includes a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Museum Management. Career #1: Museum leadership, including federal grantseeking, 12 years. Career #2: Independent grant prospect research, strategy and writing consultant, plus director of statewide museum association, 12 years. Career #3: Director of institutional giving, regional YMCA, 5 years. I have always enjoyed board service, serving in multiple board capacities with multiple types of organizations throughout my career.

Current professional position and description of grant-related duties:

I currently serve as Director of Foundation & Corporate Giving for the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis: 
~$750,000 in annual grant support
Additional capital or special project grants
Develop/pursue United Way/2Gen proposals
Prospect research
Lead processes for timely and accurate evaluation, compliance, reporting, relationships, and procedures with institutional donors
Direct a system of proposal writing at Y centers through training
Supervise proposal and compliance contractors.

A statement of your vision/direction for GPA and how you see us achieving this:
GPA provides so many valuable resources to grant professionals, including the strong relationship between the national office and the chapters. I hope to be allowed to help build on those strengths, developing communications and outreach to build GPA’s presence nationally, build membership, and increase local member participation. This could be through social media; regional gatherings (in person and online); perhaps other media such as podcasting, or a list of other options. 

Given resource restraints, what suggestions would you make to move GPA forward?
I've utilized much of what GPA has to offer - membership, chapter leadership, conference, Forum, and the consultant and jobs lists. I refer colleagues to GPA almost weekly. We have many opportunities, in-person and online, to connect, learn and grow as grant professionals, beginner to advanced. In my observation, one area of growth is to develop volunteer opportunities for members who want to take the next step in participation, but may not be ready or available to step into chapter leadership. 

Involvement in a national, fast-growing organization is extremely time-consuming. What is your availability and how much time can you devote to GPA (please be specific)?
I read through the description of GPA National Board service, and am able and willing to attend the quarterly, in-person meetings, as well as those meetings prior to the annual conference. My CDO (direct supervisor) supports the time. So I will be able to attend in-person meetings, likely phone meetings in between, and additional time to help develop or review plans, policies, etc. Additional in-person meetings are also an option, as needed or called. 

Please disclose any relationship you have a with GPA Business Alliance partner, exhibitors at any GPA and GPA chapter conference and events, and GPA and chapter sponsors.
I have no such relationship.