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Kimberly Hays de Muga, GPC

Brief background statement including education, training and career path:
My 20 years as a successful grant professional includes four positions of increasing responsibility and revenue at healthcare and human service nonprofits in the Atlanta area.  A BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and the Master’s Public Health Program at Emory University honed my communication and analytical skills. I am a past president of the Grant Professionals Foundation and the Georgia Chapter of GPA. Since 2008 I have maintained my GPC and coauthored a book on GPC review.

Current professional position and description of grant-related duties:
As the Development Director at the Frazer Center since 2004, I have secured grants from new and current funders while working directly with the Board and creating large-scale collaborations with area agencies to serve people with disabilities.  Budget forecasting, staff recruitment and supervision, and public presentations are key parts of this position. Starting in September 2018 I will become a full-time grant consultant in association with a large firm and a trainer for a national company.

A statement of your vision/direction for GPA and how you see us achieving this:
Over the last decade my career has flourished with the help of GPA’s conferences, chapters and educational opportunities.  I am deeply grateful and dedicated to helping GPA reach and inspire more grant professionals in key areas such as increasing the number of minority grant professionals and growing strategic partnerships with academic institutions, and public and private grant-making agencies.  GPA can achieve this vision through increased strategic outreach by Board, staff and volunteers.

Given resource restraints, what suggestions would you make to move GPA forward?
Partnering with related, relevant and renowned associations, businesses and academic institutions to expand programs and services is a cost-effective way to increase market share and better serve current and potential GPA members.  I view my current role as Chair of the Pioneer Awards Committee as a way to explore how best to carry out this often time-consuming work in partnership with the GPA Board, staff and volunteers.

Involvement in a national, fast-growing organization is extremely time-consuming. What is your availability and how much time can you devote to GPA (please be specific)?
My transition to full-time consulting and training in September 2018 will give me much more flexibility in how, where and when I work and volunteer.  I will make scheduled GPA board meetings, committee work and related correspondence a priority when coordinating my work/travel schedule. As a grants/fundraising consultant I have the ability to work remotely and the technical support and knowledge to do so.  I have reviewed the Letters of Assurance and am prepared to fulfill the requirements