Inside the Grantmaker's Black Box: What Really Happens AFTER You Push SUBMIT!

You know that feeling on deadline day, when you finally push SUBMIT button and say goodbye to your lovingly-crafted, mission-critical grant proposal as it disappears - vanishing entirely for weeks, sometimes months, sometimes even forever - as you wait to find out whether it's going to be funded or not.

That space between "submit" on one side - and "notification" on the other - is what we call the Grantmaker's Black Box.

That's where all the work goes on for the grantmaking team - the program officer, reviewers, decision-makers. That's where everything happens to decide which proposals are awarded ... and which aren't.

In this eye-opening session, you'll join veteran grants officer Maryn Boess for a unique journey into the heart of the Grantmaker's Black Box as we venture into one grantmaker's funding process. Together we'll take a high-level flyover of her own organization's recent real-life grantmaking round on the way to awarding a total of $600,000. Along the way:

-- You'll track the proposals through the 8 key "checkpoints" of the grant decision process, so you can observe exactly what happened at every step of the way.
-- You'll eavesdrop on conversations with proposers and review team members.
-- You'll see the team's mistakes and near-misses, challenges and celebrations, what was surprisingly easy, what really came hard in the final decisionmaking.
-- And you'll experience plenty of surprises, aha!s and hmm's as Maryn shares stories about real life inside this particular Grantmaker's Black Box - with new insights you can carry home and put to work immediately on behalf of your own nonprofit and community.

BENEFITS: This session gives an insider's view of the real world of the final grant decision-making process - something perhaps 98% of all grant professionals never get to see.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
How to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application
Methods and strategies that cultivate and maintain relationships between fund-seeking and recipient organizations and funders
Practices and services that raise the level of professionalism of grant developers

Maryn's been a grantwriter/consultant (winning $42 million), a grant trainer, reviewer, author, speaker, mentor, and, since 2006, even a grantmaker. Her 3-D expertise lends a unique insider's viewpoint to the grantsmanship training she shares with thousands of people annually through GrantsMagic U. A dual-citizen of the grant world, Maryn may be the only person who's a member of both Grant Professionals Association (for grantseekers) and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (for grantmakers).