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Welcome to the Swamp! Here's your Federal Grants Travel Guide

After a period of relative consistency, 2019 ushered in a long agenda for changes in the Federal Grants Community. By the time the conference rolls around, the following might have occurred:

1. Implementation of 426 data elements (proposed in Nov. 2018)
2. Hiring of Chief Evaluation Officers and Chief Data Officers in accordance with the Open Data Act
3. Passage of the GREAT Act
4. Release for comment, and possible implementation of changes to 2 CFR 200
5. Publication of the 2019 Single Audit Compliance Supplement, with changes on what programs to audit year to year
6. Shifts of appropriated funds from grant programs to the border
7. Governmentwide adoption of using instead of SF 424b

Who knows? The FY 2020 budget might even be passed by the time GPA descends on DC this November. Needless to say, we're all staying tuned and will need a moment to recap to make sure we didn't miss anything that our organizations need to know.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Organizational development as it pertains to grant seeking 

Erica Preston serves as the Product Management Director for Grants at Management Concepts. In this role, she works company-wide to maintain and grow workforce training and enhancement products and services for grants professionals. Prior to joining Management Concepts, Erica spent more than 10 years with Booz Allen Hamilton as a management consultant. Her experience spanned grants management, stakeholder engagement, and program and contract management for homeland security and other clients.