Vision Boards - A Creative Inspiration for Your Future

When you tap into your subconscious mind in this playful, stress-free way, it can and will surprise you! Vision Boarding, or Dream Boarding, is a simple, fun process of letting your imagination run wild, giving you insight into your soul's dreams and heart's desires. Spend a little time away from your grant application and have some creative time!

Using images and words from magazines, personal photos and memorabilia or whatever strikes your fancy, a collage is created that speaks to the things, feelings, people, aspirations and experiences that are important and meaningful to you now. A vision board can be approached in many ways, such as a panoramic board that addresses many aspects of your life.

This session will provide a brief overview of the how and the why of vision boards, show you some examples and most importantly - give you the opportunity to start your vision board! Magazines, scissors and glue sticks will be provided for your use. Please bring your own board (any size you chose - stiff poster board or foam core recommended) and any other images you would like to use (photos, scrapbook materials, printed words/quotes, anything - use your imagination

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Ericka Harney is an 18-year veteran of the nonprofit & education sectors, fulfilling a passion for women & girl's success along the way. She has served as an international representative for the US, raised millions for great missions & co-founded a social enterprise. She is a contributing author for industry publications & a guest on several blogs and podcasts. Ericka is sharing her knowledge at, finishing a PhD & continues a life mission of improving soft skills of profession.