How To Find Your Perfect Match: Applying the Rules of Dating to Grant Development

This interactive workshop will provide a lighthearted and fun overview of the basic grant development process by comparing the rules of dating to the rules of grantsmanship. All aspects will be discussed from identification of a good prospect to achieving a long-term relationship. The presentation aligns with three GPC competencies:

1. Knowledge of how to craft, construct and submit an effective grant application.
2. Knowledge of strategies for effective program and project design and development
3. Knowledge of how to research, identify and match funding resources to meet specific needs

These three competencies are given the most weight on the GPC exam and are critical to the success of any grant proposal. The presenters are both GPCs with many years of grant writing experience who are able to effectively communicate these strategies.

The presenters will use the comparison between dating and grant writing to identify and emphasize best practices in our field. For example, in identifying an appropriate funder, one must make sure their organization meets the eligibility requirements of that prospect. The same is true for finding an acceptable date in that the prospect must be eligible and not be married or otherwise engaged. Dating rules also suggest that online profiles be scanned selectively before reaching out to a potential match. This rule applies to researching funders too - review their funding priorities, past giving profiles and focus areas carefully before submitting a proposal. The comparisons between dating rules and grant writing rules, while entertaining, will be educational and will help participants easily recognize professional challenges and how to avoid and/or overcome them.

Participants will be encouraged to share their own (professional and personal) experiences as well. The information is geared toward the early-career skill level and the learning track focus is on proposal development/communication strategies.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
How to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application
Strategies for effective program and project design and development
How to research, identify, and match funding resources to meet specific needs

Jodi Pearl has been a grant professional for over 20 years. Ms. Pearl served on the Board of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) for two terms and received her Grant Professional Certification (GPC) credential in 2008. Today Ms. Pearl is the GPA Regional Representative for Region 7 and has provided support and assistance to chapters to succeed and grow. Jodi grew up in Canada and moved to Florida to earn her Master's Degree in Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University.

Lisa Yalkut, GPC holds a successful record of securing millions in grant monies and increasing revenue streams from corporate, foundation, and government sources. Prior to joining Memorial Healthcare System in 2013, Lisa was an independent grant consultant for 10 years. She received her Bachelor Degree in Political Science at the State University of New York at Albany, and a Graduate Certificate in Fundraising and Development for Non-Profit Organization from Marymount College.