Who Knew Stephen King Was a Grant Writing Tipster?

On Writing, Stephen King's memoir and writing guide, is chalk full of pointers for every writer. The workshop will cover many topics, including how:

(1) Reading makes you a better writer.
(2) Creating a toolbox of skills will help improve your work.
(3) Editing is oh so very important.
(4) Creating a work space that allows you to write without interruption makes all the difference.
(5) Taking a breather from your writing will help you focus.
(6) Reading, reading, reading if so very important - you cannot be a writer if you do not read.

All of this and more will be shared with quotes and insights from the master himself. Writing, even grant writing, is a skill and talent that progresses through practice and improved learning. So many ideas are found in Stephen King's book. (Basically, this is similar to skills taught in a general writing class, but with some ideas and spins not normally considered, because it's Stephen King.)

One of the competencies tested in the GPC multiple choice section of the exam is "knowledge of how to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application". The tools learned in this workshop all support this competency. In addition, all the competencies tested within the GPC writing portion of the exam will be covered as well (make a persuasive argument, organize ideas appropriately, convey ideas clearly, use information provided, use conventional standard English, and follow formatting requirements).

GPC Competencies Addressed:
How to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application


Amanda Day, GPC is a self-proclaimed book nerd, grant geek, and social butterfly. She started grant consulting after working as the Grants Administrator for the City of Alpharetta for 12 years. She was elected to the Grant Professionals Association Board of Directors in 2016. She served the Grant Professionals Certification Institute Board from 2008-2016. Amanda is employed as a trainer for Grant Writing USA. She holds a B.S. in Communications and Psychology from Southwest Baptist University.