Strategic Planning - When "Ideal" Isn't an Option

A 4-day board retreat in a scenic lodge boasting of picturesque views and ample teambuilding opportunities - for many that's a nice daydream. For those of us that need a strategic plan…now! Let's talk about how you can develop a strategic plan - that works - while you also get your "everyday" responsibilities done.

In this session we will discuss the most important parts of a strategic plan, the data needed to create and support the plan, getting board approval of the plan, and ways to keep track of the plan components. We will also cover how to facilitate the process. You will leave with a basic template, an outline of your organization's strategic plan, and a to-do list to get your strategic plan together.

Come prepared to learn and work. Hardcopies of the session worksheets will be needed to complete the in-session work, so print them before you come!

Not the Executive Director officially responsible for crafting the strategic plan? That's okay! Many grant applications now require a strategic plan to be attached to an application; be the hero when you can help make the strategic plan come together alongside the grant proposal.

This session requires extensive knowledge of organizational operations and mastery of workplan, evaluation, and logic model terms.

Learning Objectives for the session participants are to:
1. Know the 5 required components of the strategic plan
2. Understand how to implement an abbreviated strategic plan
3. Acquire the tools and skills to implement an abbreviated strategic plan
4. Increase skill in facilitating a multi-organizational level project

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Strategies for effective program and project design and development
Organizational development as it pertains to grant seeking
Practices and services that raise the level of professionalism of grant developers

Stacy is the brilliant mind behind the concepts and services of SNF Writing Solutions. Harnessing her ability to remember insane detail and make intuitive and academic connections within information and systems, she is a true all-around business champion in program and organizational planning and implementation. Add her persuasion for seamless process and you just start to get a glimpse of her passion for serving the business community to make every organization more of what it wants to be.