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Moving from Spectator to Activist: Creating a Message That Motivates People to Act

Do you feel intimidated by how to craft a strong message that attracts people to your mission or business?  Are you overwhelmed by the constant demands to market your message on social media and other channels?

Whether you are a grant professional moving into consulting, training, publishing, or foundation positions who want to motivate others to act, or a grant manager or writer leading a small team responding to increased competition for funder resources, more effective communication strategies can mean the difference between success and obscurity. 

In this presentation, Lucy will demonstrate methods and strategies that cultivate and maintain relationships between fund-seekers, recipient organizations, funders and those businesses that support them by bringing purpose and clarity to your messaging. She will show a proven, time-tested, easy-to-follow five-step formula to create and grow a message that motivates people to act. 

Effective communication strategies support practices and services that raise the level of professionalism of grant developers, recipients, and supporters. Join Lucy to discover practical techniques for clarifying a message that attracts attention. Attendees will participate in crafting an offering or message that builds interest and empowers others to act. We will explore ways to connect that message to the universal desire to be part of something greater and challenge our audience to take action with a small first step.   Finally, we will discuss ways to encourage our audience to actively contribute thereby transforming casual awareness into a powerful community-shaping culture. This means each of us has the power to build communities for positive change unprecedented in history. 

If you are ready to bring faster results to your messaging in less time with more confidence, this is the workshop for you.  

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Methods and strategies that cultivate and maintain relationships between fund-seeking and recipient organizations and funders 


Lucy Morgan is a GPA Approved Trainer with over a decade in the field of grant management. She is a CPA, MBA, Speaker, Author of 3 books and a leading authority on Federal grant management for non-profits, institutions of higher education and state, local and tribal governments. She has written over 250 articles on grant management topics which are featured on LinkedIn, industry publications and the blog. She regularly trains grant professionals from across the United States.