Grants from Reviewers Point of View & How to Connect Proposals to Obtain Higher Scores

Objective of the workshop:
1) To show how to use the RFP to develop section of the proposal in best scoring form in term of making it easier for the reviewers
2) To develop a mind-set of writing for reviewers convenience and writing in style that the scored questions are answered clearly
3) To learn how to link other applied and funded grants to the current proposal to show how to have "A Program of Grant Writing instead of Writing a Grant for a Program"
4) Provide the attendees with access to grant writing staff development e-book that will allow them to increase their understanding of the mind-set for getting grants

These items will provide information as to writing for the targeted audience, the reviewers, who help decide who gets the money. It will provide a different method of looking at the proposal development and how to glean information from the RFP that will allow the physical structure of the proposal to best reflect the score sheets that the reviewers use. It will show people how to leverage the process of applying for grants as a way to leverage resources and build a sustainability plan that will produce better grant proposals. The attendees will be offered an e-Book written by the presenter that will provide other insights into the development and thought processes that he used in the development of the proposals that are submitted. This combination of on-site presentation and "take-away" will increase the professional development of the attendees.

The format will be interactive lecture type where the presenter will engage the attendees to increase their involvement and use their input to modify the specific examples from the power point. This will engage the attendees in a manner that will promote net-working and continued interaction beyond the conference.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
How to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application
Strategies for effective program and project design and development
Practices and services that raise the level of professionalism of grant developers

Gary Lee Frye, Ed.D, GPC, 14 teaching/4 professional certifications, District Grant Writer Manor ISD, Executive Director Llano Estacado Foundation, $63M in grants, created multi-organization consortium meeting needs greater community, presented national and several conferences on all aspects of grants, served as evaluator & manager, reviewed over 160 competitions for federal, state, and foundation funders. He has published books and articles on all aspects of grant and foundation creation.