Pet Peeves of Funders

This presentation will feature the results of a survey the presenter did with a cross section of corporate, private, community and family foundations who were willing to share their experiences and insights on the grant giving process.

What will be shared will be a list of NEVERS such as:

- NEVER call with questions that are already answered on their website.
- NEVER ask for an amount outside of their giving range.
- NEVER submit a proposal with another funder's name in the copy.
- NEVER answer the sustainability question with "We will submit more grant proposals."
- NEVER be pushy the first time we meet.

More important, the presenter will emphasis the key lesson(s) to learn from each NEVER.

Funders were asked about their "pet peeves" regarding a variety of topics including submissions, ask amounts, relationship building, sustainability, post award, stewardship, and more.

While this presentation will give you an occasional chuckle, the key takeaways are serious. Attendees will learn proper funder-awardee protocol that will improve your grant success and retention rates. Gain a unique insight into what funders think, what constitutes a good funder-awardee relationship, and tips that will increase your likelihood of being funded and maintaining funding.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
How to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application
Post-award grant management practices sufficient to inform effective grant design and development
Methods and strategies that cultivate and maintain relationships between fund-seeking and recipient organizations and funders
Practices and services that raise the level of professionalism of grant developers

Lydia Howie, MS, GPC has over 35 years of successful grant writing, marketing, development, and fundraising experience. She has been a grant writing consultant and owner of Howie Marketing & Consulting for 18 years. She has raised over $40 million and has a dozen clients. She earned a MS Marketing Communications from Iona College and BA Communication Arts from the College of New Rochelle, and was in the first GPC graduating class. She regularly speaks on grant writing topics.