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Planning is Everything: A Framework for Facilitating Organization-wide Strategic Grants Planning

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, "Planning is everything - the plan is nothing". While a plan serves as a map to lead an organization towards its goals, planning allows for the understanding that's created among individuals involved in the process. How can grant professionals foster better understanding and collaboration between key staff and Departments in the journey of supporting an organization's development as it pertains to grant seeking? 

This session will cover the framework for facilitating a strategic grants planning process that aligns grant seeking with an organization's goals as well as fosters engagement and collaboration between the Grants Office, other Departments, and key organizational stakeholders. Attendees will learn the importance, benefits, and the key elements of a strategic grants planning process. The session will also cover how use the strategic planning process to engage key stakeholders in assessing and improving organization's grant capacity and readiness as well as how to anchor grants into an organization's overall plans, goals, and practices, including program delivery, and fund development. 

This workshop's content provides grant professionals with practical steps that will improve their competencies in: 
-Assessing an organization's grant seeking capacity and readiness
-Identifying methods that support an organization's implementation of practices that improve grant readiness
-Identifying and thus incorporating an organization's values, mission, and goals into grant seeking
-Identifying the effects of an organization's culture, values, and decision-making processes on successful grant seeking

This session is best suited for public and nonprofit organizations with: 
-Annual operating budgets of at least 25 million 
-A centralized grants office (dedicated grants staff that work with departments) 
-However, all are welcomed. 

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Organizational development as it pertains to grant seeking 

Lesa-Kaye Holtham, MPH currently serves as the National Kidney Foundation's Government Grants Director, where she leads the development and implementation of a government grants strategy that fosters collaboration within the organization as well as with external stakeholders. She has a passion for strategy, planning, and collaborative grant seeking. She has over a decade of experience building and managing centralized grant offices for public health and healthcare organizations.