Grants and the Capital Campaign

Multi-year, high dollar goal campaigns are becoming more common. In fact, it seems as if some organizations launch one campaign after another. In addition to capital projects, campaigns today usually include multiple components, such as annual fund, program development, endowment, or scholarships. Often, outside campaign counsel comes on board.

How does the grant professional fit into campaign-driven fundraising? Strategically. It can also be an opportunity to further demonstrate your worth to your organization.

This session will be part presentation and part discussion (based on the size of the room). The session will follow this outline:
A. Establishing attendees' experience with grants and campaigns (if room size allows)
B. Discussing Misunderstandings and Unrealistic Expectations of Grants in a Campaign

1. Not including grants in the strategy
2. Setting arbitrary goals
C. Writing (case statements, donor prospectuses, consultant RFPs, etc.)
D. Campaign Plans
1. Balance of all funding sources in a campaign plan
2. Understanding foundation "mindsets" toward campaign participation
E. Grants Strategy
1. Prospect research
2. The feasibility study
3. Strategic timing of cultivation and solicitation
F. Working with outside counsel

Learning Objectives
Attendees will learn:
- how to position themselves as a vital part of the campaign
- what questions to ask potential Campaign Consultants about grants
- skills to communicate realistic expectations of grant funds to be raised
- techniques to balance a multi-year grants strategy

GPC Competencies Addressed:
How to research, identify, and match funding resources to meet specific needs
Organizational development as it pertains to grant seeking
Methods and strategies that cultivate and maintain relationships between fund-seeking and recipient organizations and funders

Cheryl Kester is Director of Grants at Walton Arts Center in Arkansas and owner of The Kester Group, a firm specializing in federal grants and external evaluations. Since 1999 her proposals have raised almost $138 million. She loves speaking to GPA chapters, talking people into joining GPA, and riding her bike. A frequent speaker and trainer, she is a GPA approved trainer and the co-author of Writing to Win Federal Grants and the Writing to Win Workbook. She is also a GPA national board member.