Performance Management - Are We There Yet?

Uniform Grants Guidance (UGG) put in place the infrastructure to hold us accountable for CFR §200.301 Performance Measurement. Many folks in our grants community are still asking themselves - What are my responsibilities? What should or could that look like for my organization? What are the ramifications of noncompliance? As the OMB methodically pushes toward their goal of "Performance over Compliance for Accountability", the grants community must also push to lay their infrastructure for proving performance. This presentation will recap the regulations in this area and provide for some practical tips on how to get ready for this new way of doing Grants business.

Learning Objectives:

To make sure attendees have the latest information on Federal compliance on performance.


Attendees will have the latest information on Federal compliance and performance and an understanding of what they need to do to get ready for compliance.

Session provides latest updates on changes and provides step by step approach to ensure compliance.

Session provides real world examples and a step by step approach for making sure they have a place to start.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Strategies for effective program and project design and development
Nationally recognized standards of ethical practice by grant developers
Post-award grant management practices sufficient to inform effective grant design and development
Practices and services that raise the level of professionalism of grant developers

Ms. Shontz is the founder of Capital Management Group, Inc. a Certified Public Accounting firm. She is a CPA and it is her experience in auditing non-profit organizations, boards of education, and local government that fuels her aspiration to simplify and improve financial management and evaluation for grants. Working in the grants community since 2002, she plays a passionate role in educating grantees on regulatory compliance and fiscal responsibilities associated with grants management.