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Surviving an OIG Audit Your First Day on the Job (True Story)

My first day on the job as a local government's first grants administrator I was tasked with cleaning up a recently completed OIG Audit of a COPS grant. Workshop attendees will learn firsthand experience about the fallout from a mismanaged program, how to prove supplanting did not take place, and what to expect throughout the process. With assistance from an involved finance department, each finding was closed and the local government continued to receive federal funding without further restrictions.

Recipients of federal funding must be prepared to interact with the Office of the Inspector General if regulations are not followed. By hearing from a real-life example of an OIG audit (straight from the grant administrator who lived to tell the tale), federal funding recipients will be better prepared to (1) potentially avoid an audit and/or (2) handle the audit process as smoothly as possible. 

The focus of this workshop is the GPC competency involving grant management, specifically post-award grant management practices sufficient to inform effective grant design and development. Whether or not you have experienced an OIG audit, it is beneficial to learn how the process works, how to survive the process, and most importantly how to avoid future visits from the OIG through successful grant management. 

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Post-award grant management practices sufficient to inform effective grant design and development 


Amanda Day, GPC is a former municipal grants administrator turned consultant with 18 years' experience. She is a national trainer for Grant Writing USA and Fundraising HayDay Podcast co-host. She is currently the Vice President of the Grant Professionals Association and formerly served as President of both the Grant Professional Certification Institute and Georgia Grant Professionals Association. She's is a total book nerd and grant geek. Follow her on Twitter @wholewheatgirl & @fundinghayday.