Driving Successful Collaborations

This hands-on session will equip grant professionals with the theory behind group process and tools to create more effective grant teams, either for proposal development, or to reach desired project outcomes. Using the four stages of group process (Dependency and Inclusion, Fight, Trust and Structure, Work and Productivity) we'll look at how to forecast group issues and project achievement. Participants from any background can benefit from this groundwork and actionable tools, such as ORID (Objective, Reflective, Interpretive, and Decisional) framework. Furthermore, participants will benefit from peer-to-peer sharing that is built into the hands-on work in applying this theory. This content will be useful in effective program design and development, especially early stage. Providing training using actual tools to cultivate positive relationships is imperative to highly collaborative grant work. On a high level, this session can benefit the overall organization through improving the grant seeking process and communication.

Learning objectives: Participants will
Identify the four stages of group process, and particular areas to address in those stages, and explore implications for the grant project lifecycle
Learn about ORID facilitation framework for steering focused conversations
Apply ORID framework to a current or past grant team they've worked on, identifying questions to clarify project outcomes, goals, or direction.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Strategies for effective program and project design and development
Organizational development as it pertains to grant seeking
Methods and strategies that cultivate and maintain relationships between fund-seeking and recipient organizations and funders

For over five years, Laura Hardwicke has sought to improve organization and team effectiveness by leading grant seeking and fundraising efforts. Recently she transitioned from the nonprofit world to local government, where she currently serves as Grants Coordinator for the Metro Nashville Planning Department, overseeing grant programs that seek to implement the vision set forth in the city's general plan through collaborative efforts with other departments, as well as external partners.