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What to Expect for Federal Grant and Contract in 2020 and Beyond

The federal government invests hundreds of billions of dollars annually in projects that improve education, health care, neighborhoods, arts, public safety, infrastructure, research, military readiness and about any other problem that America and the world faces. Thousands of organizations have figured out how to secure millions of dollars in federal grant support. Are federal grants right for your organization? How can you get your piece of the federal grant pie?

Federal budget discussions and the overall political landscape significantly impacts federal grant funding in the short- and long-term. Some programs could see substantial increases; others will see their budgets slashed or eliminated altogether. New programs emerge as national priorities change. How can you keep up with all of these changes? Join us as we project future federal grant trends and potential opportunities in 2020 and beyond and learn how to read the tea leaves to predict future funding.

But knowing what opportunities exist in federal grants only provides half of the story. Should your organization seek grants even if they are available? How can you best take advantage of new opportunities that may emerge? To answer those questions, we help you assess your organization’s
readiness to pursue federal grants and provide tips to improve that readiness. Do you have a writer who can handle the intricacies of a federal application? If not, how can you find one? Can your accounting process adequately track and account for grant expenditures? Do your leaders understand the value of federal grant seeking? If not, how can you convince them to undertake or expand your federal grant program? Finally, we discuss some common “federal grant traps” and ways to avoid them through good planning and careful decision-making about which grants to pursue and which to avoid.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
How to research, identify, and match funding resources to meet specific needs
Organizational development as it pertains to grant seeking

A frequent presenter at GPA and AFP conferences, Linda has more than 30 years of federal grant experience in higher education and in multiple sectors as a consultant for the last 8 years. She has worked with numerous organizations to evaluate their capacity for and develop federal grants programs, facilitates strategic planning sessions, hosts leadership development activities, and draws on both a strategic and leadership bent when evaluating federal grant opportunities.

A partner at the DC-based law and lobbying company Holland & Knight, Rob is accomplished in the process of securing federal support for a variety of undertakings including healthcare facilities and programs, transportation projects, water resources initiatives, environmental mitigation efforts, water supply and wastewater treatment systems, workforce development initiatives, military construction projects, research projects and educational facility and program support.