Leveraging Partnerships for your next Campus Safety Project

This presentation will identify grant opportunities that support campus safety initiatives. This includes programs education entities can apply for directly, and also those that require partnerships with local law. We will review specific grant programs deadlines, priorities, award amounts, and examples of previously funded projects. We will also discuss how to effectively justify the inclusion of technology equipment, such as building access systems, fixed surveillance, and body-worn cameras into a grant budget. To conclude, we'll offer some general tips for writing a successful grant proposal to increase the likelihood that attendees' next proposal will stand out from the rest.

This presentation aligns best with the Evaluation/Partnership learning track. As funding for the express purpose of campus safety projects is limited, we will discuss how to facilitate partnerships with other grant eligible agencies to open alternative funding pathways. This will include steps for initial engagement with outside agencies, techniques for formalizing relationships (LOS, MOU, etc.), and tips for avoiding potential challenges to collaboration.

GPC Competency Learning Objectives:

1. Craft, construct, & submit an effective grant application - Attendees will be able to recite sources of campus safety funding, priorities, award amounts, and deadlines for education & public safety orgs.
2. Effective program & project design and dev - Attendees will be able to list steps needed to be "grant-seeking ready" for a campus safety project. Attendees will be able to identify methods for building partnership & fostering collaboration for an expanded list of funding opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to the education organization.
3. Relationships between fund-seeking & recipient organizations/funders - Attendees will be able to describe methods to help their org create effective collaborations with other grant eligible orgs aligned with funders' missions & goals.

GPC Competencies Addressed:

How to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application
Strategies for effective program and project design and development
Methods and strategies that cultivate and maintain relationships between fund-seeking and recipient organizations and funders

Elizabeth is a Grants Development Consultant for Grants Office LLC and manages the education vertical. She supports local school districts, colleges & universities, workforce training entities, and non-profit organizations to find and apply for relevant grant funding opportunities. Elizabeth has 10 years of experience within both K-12 and Higher Education, and has worked with a variety of grant programs- from federal funds like the ARRA to private foundation funds like the Lowe's Foundation.

Ashley is a Grants Development Consultant for Grants Office and manages the government vertical. In that role, she supports teams in their pursuit of funding for public safety, transportation & community development projects. She also works with school safety collaboratives to fund security initiatives, such as building access systems and fixed surveillance. Ashley's experience includes both applying for and administering multi-million-dollar projects from federal, state, and foundation funders.