Who Are You? The Real Role of the Grant Professional in a Development Shop

In your development shop, the sign on your door says you are responsible for "foundation relations". But really - who are you? Proposal writer? Story teller? Internal consultant? Major gift officer? Chief strategist? Number cruncher? Project Manager? Administrator? None or all of the above?

The GPA GrantZone chat room reveals that GPA members face a wide range of organizational conundrums ranging from lack of job clarity to being pigeon-holed as "just the grants person". They also have to deal with ethical issues and internal politics, clashing priorities, and board-related problems. As part of a Development team in various sized shops, these challenges can impact your success as a grant professional and interfere with your effectiveness. Come explore how to leverage your special perspective and skill set in the various roles of the grant professional particularly in small, medium, and large development shops, while helping to carry out the organization's mission. Drawing from her long career in development and using questions posted in the GrantZone and other cases she is familiar with through her experience as consultant and development professional, Andrea will help participants further clarify their role as a grant professional and identify strategies to leverage their role to achieve maximum personal and organizational success.

Participants will be able to:
1. Assess their own organization's grants operations and the role of the grants professional.
2. Identify the key attributes and skills they possess as a grant professional that are "leverageable" in any size organization.
3. Target 2-3 ways they can leverage their effectiveness as grant professionals in their shop.

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Practices and services that raise the level of professionalism of grant developers

Andrea Ferreira, MPH is a seasoned professional in the nonprofit world with a track record of program management, fundraising and development, grants, and training in a range of healthcare, human service, and education organizations. In addition to her experience in all areas of grant development, she has helped the non-profit organizations with which she has worked to develop, fund, manage, and evaluate the impact of their projects and programs. She has been a member of GPA for 10 years.