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Grant Contracts - Contracts Arising From Grant Awards. Is Your Entity Protecting Itself?

Entities entering into contracts with outside contractors can be exposed to unnecessary liability if there is no formal contract-review process. This is especially true considering outside service providers are often large, national companies that provide entities with a contract generated by those companies' legal offices or outside attorneys. This workshop will offer assistance on how entities can protect themselves from potential contract pitfalls.

Attendees will learn the following:

1. Procurement rules and regulations at the state and federal level.
2. Vendor/Request For Proposal processes and procedures.
3. Contract negotiation pitfalls.
4. How to protect entity from large vendors.
5. Common contract clauses to protect entities.
6. Real-life case study applying all aspects of presentation. 

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Post-award grant management practices sufficient to inform effective grant design and development 

Randy is the Assistant Director of Grants and Compliance with the Washoe County School District, a school district with over 64,000 students. In addition to applying for and managing federal, state, and private grants for WCSD, Randy oversees the procurement process related to grants awards, and negotiates all contracts arising from grant awards.