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A better (or just more fun) way to Logic Model!

Grant writers are usually familiar with the types of logic models required for grant applications. And, too often, they are the ones completing those logic models at the last minute to get in a grant application by the deadline. Ideally, organizations applying for grants would have logic models prepared before the crunch of grant writing.

Via Evaluation (VIA) has worked with a wide variety of organizations to create logic models proactively. Organizations use these models to guide grant-seeking activities, refine application narratives, communicate program activities and outcomes to staff and funders and measure their results. Believe it or not, creating them can be more than informative-it can also be engaging and fun.

During this highly interactive session, VIA will show participants how to help organizations create logic models than are meaningful, utilized by staff and grant writers, and used to guide program activities and measurement. Participants will learn about logic model components, how to guide organizations through the process interactively, and work on completing draft logic models (or refining existing ones) for programs they work with. We will share a variety of examples and possible templates.

VIA also will share tips for facilitating these types of sessions when common issues arise (e.g., what if program staff aren't on the same page), as well as suggestions for arranging the logistics of running such a session (e.g., bring coffee!).
Grant writers will walk away from this session with the tools to help organizations refine their vision and goals in ways that will facilitate effective grant applications and funding strategies.

GPCI Competencies Addressed:

Strategies for effective program and project design and development

Ms. Lundquist (Komani, pronounced Go-mah-knee) has been a co-owner and partner since 2017 and with Via Evaluation since 2008. During her tenure she has worked to develop her knowledge base in Organizational Development, Administration, Finance, Leadership, and Executive Coaching. As CEO and Director of Operations, Komani manages client accounts, Human Resources (HR), administrative staff, finances, company strategy, and marketing. She also participates in development, and leads the executive com.

Erin Holbrook joined the Via Evaluation team in 2016. Erin's passion for education, service, social advocacy, and community engagement began in 2010 with a service learning trip to South Africa. During the program, she helped facilitate workshops for high school students, empowering them to improve their communities through service.