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Ethics Questions: Getting You the Answers You Need

“I think someone violated the GPA Ethics, but I am not sure. What do I do?”
GPA has an Ethics process and a committee to help address those concerns and questions. 

On the GPA website under About>Ethics, you will find information about our ethical policies and complaint inquiry procedure. Also, your ethics questions may be answered in the FAQs under the Ethics tab. If the info under FAQs does not answer your question, you can go to the Complaint Procedure under the Ethics tab for more details.
Following is an excerpt from that page which outlines the reason to submit an inquiry.
The GPA Code of Ethics serves as a guide for all members as they are engaged in the field of grantsmanship. Members are expected to be familiar with and abide by all sections of the Code. If a member suspects or is aware of another member that has violated the Code, it is the member's responsibility to report the violation to the CEO for investigation. The overall goal is for the questionable activity to cease and to eliminate unethical behaviors which damage both the profession and the association.
The page also provides information about how to submit an inquiry. The process begins with an informal conversation in which you will be able to ask questions about the situation to clarify if it is (or is not) an ethical situation. You will also receive advice from the GPA Ethics Committee on how to handle the situation. Please know inquiries are confidential and are reviewed by the CEO of GPA.
As a result of the inquiry process, the committee may decide further clarification is necessary. In that case, a summary of the inquiry will be sent to the Ethics Committee Chair, and the committee will meet to review the situation. The committee will summarize their findings for the CEO, and the CEO will send a letter back to you (the complainant) with instructions on how to proceed with a complaint if it is warranted.
It is then your choice to proceed with a complaint or not. If you choose to proceed with the complaint, the process starts when you complete and file an ethics reporting form. The form is available on the GPA website.
Also on the website are the step by step details about how the complaints are reviewed and addressed. To summarize here: the GPA Ethics Committee will review the complaint in a confidential manner. The person against whom the complaint was made will be notified and asked to respond to the complaint. The Committee will then review the response and determine if additional information is required. Then, the committee will make a determination about whether the complaint should be dismissed or if the committee will recommend further action to the GPA Board of Directors. The Committee may dismiss a case if the situation has been resolved or if it does not meet the criteria of a GPA ethics violation.
The consequences of an ethics violation can range from a reprimand to revocation of membership, depending on the nature of the unethical behavior. The parties involved are made aware of the results of the investigation throughout the process. There is also an appeal process.
We hope the new, clearer guidelines will help you decide when and if you should file an ethics complaint. Please do not be afraid to ask questions. The GPA Board, CEO, and Ethics Committee are here to help and support our members!



By: Bonnie Houk
On: 06/15/2016 10:19:01
The Grant Professional Certification Institute also has a grievance policy if someone has their GPC and may have been involved in a GPA code of ethics violation. Additional information can be found here: GPCI's ethics committee follows these policies and if a code of ethics violation is found can impose sanctions against that person as it relates to their GPC credential. GPCI and GPA work closely when there are ethics violations involving a GPC. If you have questions regarding ethics violations against someone who has their GPC, please review these policies and notify the GPCI board president to discuss filing a formal complaint and presentation to the GPCI ethics committee.

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