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Behaviors of a Grant Professional

This past holiday season there were heartwarming stories of the layaway angels on one end of the spectrum, and there were record numbers of porch pirates on the other.  In reflecting on these two opposite behaviors, I was once again reminded that all individuals have different value systems.

So, what do behaviors have to do with grant professionals?
In the grant field, we've known angels and pirates.  We've worked with them, for them, attended meetings with them, and collaborated with them.  So, what do we do when we're faced with data sets we know to be false, expenditures not in the originally approved budget, when we know the organization is not planning to meet goals, an inaccurate list of board members, or when we've been asked to mislead an organization with half-truths? 
We have a choice in each and every situation we face. As GPA Members, we signed a Code of Ethics which clearly addresses all the scenarios I presented and more.  Did I need the Code of Ethics to realize what the right thing to do was? No. I have a strong moral compass that guides my work, my life and all I say and do.  However, in this field it is great to know that we have the highest ethical and professional standards set by the leading authority in our profession.  My clients deserve this, and that is why the GPA Code of Ethics is displayed on my website and is part of every training session I provide because I want others to know #1- what they can expect when they work with me, and #2- what the profession expects from others in the field.
Share, review and live by the GPA Code of Ethics and you'll never be an accomplice to a pirate. 
Cyndi MacKenzie, GPC has 14-years' experience and is a GPA Approved Trainer with offices in Naples, ME, and Brooksville, FL. Cyndi is a new member of the Ethics Committee.