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Membership Matters! - What's the Value?

For 20 years, GPA has helped grant professionals take advantage of learning opportunities and connections in the grants profession. Whether you want to establish a networking base, make a difference in your community, continue your education, embark on a new career or become a mentor/mentee, GPA offers a wide variety of opportunities. Membership is important to the health and growth of our profession. The following are just some examples how GPA will benefit you as a member.


Did you know that there are over 25 benefits that you can take advantage of as a member? They include publications (annual, quarterly and weekly), trainings, resources, software discounts, job center and consultant directory listings, local connections, credentialing and more? Wow! Find out what is included in your membership by clicking here:


GrantZone (GPA's private online community for members) continues to be one of the best received benefits of GPA membership. Over 95% of GPA members have an active account in GrantZone. We're so glad that you have found value in the community and have taken the leap to connect with other members! If you haven't had a chance yet to access GrantZone, I encourage you to do so today. Great conversations, resource sharing and connections are occurring each day. GPA member, Jackie Wickliffe says, "I presented a question in GrantZone and received several good responses. GrantZone alone is well worth my GPA membership. There is nothing better than having a lifeline to reach out to in a time of need." Don't miss out on this fantastic benefit.

Professional Development:

Webinars - We offer an entire catalogue of live and archived webinars to GPA members for FREE! This represents nearly $2,500 in savings for members! Your GPA membership allows you free access to more than 70 live and archived webinars that are currently offered.

20th Annual Conference - If you're planning on attending the conference this year in Chicago, make it a point to stop by the GPA Registration area to say hello! I will be there to answer any membership or benefit questions that you may have.

Chapter Events - Chapters offer membership a local venue to network, exchange ideas/resources and gain access to learning opportunities. Find out if there is a chapter near you.

Mentor Program - GPA defines mentoring as "the relationship between a grant professional who has a passion to guide, inspire and motivate others and a less experienced person in the profession who is seeking to accomplish a goal." If you have three or more years experience in the grants profession and think you have the skills to offer a newbie in the field, become a mentor! If you're new to the profession and would like guidance, sign up to be matched with a mentor!

To view “The Value of a GPA Membership”, click here and see the savings!

If you have any products that you would like to see GPA offer to members, please contact me with the information/products. This is YOUR association. We want you to find value in your membership with us!

Kelli Romero is the Membership and Marketing Director for the Grant Professionals Association. She has been employed with GPA since October 2009. Kelli handles all of the association's membership, recruitment of new members, retention of members, Grantzone online community moderation, sponsorships, exhibiting, marketing and design, merchandise sales, website information and more!