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GPA's New Strategic Plan: Part IV

Over the last several months, I have shared with you the first 3 elements of the GPA Strategic Plan. These three elements are focused on ways GPA can advance the profession and you as grant professionals. The fourth and final element of the 2018-2020 GPA Strategic Plan, Advance the governance and infrastructure of GPA, addresses more of the “how” of what we will do to make sure we accomplish the items outlined in the first three elements. This part of the plan will ensure there is adequate leadership, oversight, support, and resources to keep GPA on track in implementing the plan.

Where most strategic plans fail is in the implementation. The plan is thorough and artfully described, printed on fine paper and organized in a binder to be placed on a shelf. This section of the GPA plan sets forth the elements to make sure staff and volunteer leadership are monitoring the progress of GPA in addressing the action items set forth in the plan. The responsibilities are shared by the GPA Board of Directors, the GPA Long Range Planning Committee, and the GPA staff. Ultimately accountability rests with the board and they will review the progress we are making at each meeting of the board. Additionally, the Long Range Planning Committee will review the plan annually to make updates and adjustments as necessary.

As we implement the plan, it is important to make sure we have the proper volunteer involvement and governance structure to support the plan and the direction of GPA. This includes ensuring we have the right committees/task forces to do the work of the strategic plan while remaining flexible enough to adjust to the changing environment. Ou goal is to maximize the efficiency of volunteers and maximizing our effectiveness in addressing issues impacting GPA and the profession.

Equally important to maintaining a proper governance and volunteer involvement structure, is the importance of maintaining the staff, technology, and financial infrastructure to accomplish the mission of GPA. We will continue to evaluate all of our resources at the GPA Headquarters. This will include the development of staffing plans and technology plans to support the elements of the strategic plan and our work to serve GPA members and the profession.

Finally, we will develop recommendations on volunteer recruitment and the board nominating and election process. It is essential for GPA that we have active and engaged volunteers. GPA  volunteers provide leadership, knowledge, and vision for the association and the profession. GPA recognizes the need for a dynamic process to engage members and get you involved in your association. We also recognized that it is critical for the future of the organization that we continue to ensure we maintain diversity, including diversity of thought, experience, and practice, and remain inclusive of all grant professionals. The GPA Nominating Committee will be tasked with reviewing our processes to make sure GPA remains in the forefront of diversity and inclusion for our leadership.

The implementation work on our strategic plan is getting started now with staff and volunteer leaders developing work plans to address the action items identified in the plan. Committees and Task Forces will provide their work plans to the Long Range Planning Committee and the GPA Board of Directors to make sure we are addressing the plan's priorities. We will use these work plans to track our progress and make adjustments as necessary to keep GPA as a leader and be recognized as The Authority in the grants profession. I will continue to provide regular updates to you as we implement the strategic plan and advance the grants profession. I am excited by the work that lies ahead and look forward to this journey with you in improving GPA and your profession. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or need more information on any element of the GPA Strategic Plan.