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GPA's New Strategic Plan: Part III

Last month I shared information on the “Education and Professional Development” priority from the 2018 - 2020 GPA Strategic Plan. This month I am back with details on the third item listed in our strategic plan which is to “enhance member engagement and organizational recognition through recruitment, programs, and communication at all levels that serve member professional needs.”

This third area of emphasis focuses on the importance of membership to GPA and the value GPA brings to you as an individual member. Our work in this area will address GPA Chapters, our membership programs, how we communicate with you (including the GPA website), and specific programs that bring extra value to GPA members. Here are a few details about each of these areas.

GPA Chapters serve as the local connection for many members and provide valuable resources to their members. We recognize that it is important for GPA and our members that we have strong chapters. Therefore, we are working on plans to identify successful chapter models (i.e. excellence in programs, volunteer recruitment, and governance) that can be shared with other chapters. GPA is hosting its inaugural Chapter Leaders Conference in April as part of our work to improve chapters. This event will provide tools to align chapter efforts with the GPA Strategic Plan to serve our members. We will continue our work with Regional Representatives to provide support to new and emerging chapters in areas that have been under-served.


We offer a variety of programs and services for GPA members. We will continue to evaluate our offerings to make sure they are valuable to you and increase your professionalism, eliminating those that do not add value. We will engage current members and GPA Chapters to assist in the process of growing GPA membership. We consistently hear from new members about the tremendous value of GPA membership and the community of grant professionals. Our objective is for more grant professionals to say “I found my people at GPA!” Once they have found this community, GPA will explore ways to help them grow professionally, including enhancements to the GPA Mentoring Program and evaluating our Special Interest Groups along with our private online community, GrantZone.

Many of you are familiar with GrantZone and use it to communicate with each other and share your challenges and the resources to address them. GPA will continue to look for more and better ways to communicate with members and the public about grant professionals and the impact you make in your communities. This will include evaluation of our website to make enhancements to functionality and its content to meet your changing needs and to stay current with technology. We will use various channels, including social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to reach our members and the public to communicate our message.

The GPA Journal is a fantastic resource for grant professionals and an outstanding academic resource. As we establish GPA as The Authority in the profession, our journal will serve as another source of quality information for those in the profession and those pursuing a career in the field. It will be important for GPA to make sure that this resource is well-known in broader circles. Therefore, we will use resources to make it more accessible to researchers and others who need to understand the profession and its practitioners.

Our emphasis on expanding GPA membership by providing the content, programs, and services you need as a grant professional will grow your community and enhance the standing of the profession. As stated earlier, GPA staff and committees will use these priorities to develop work plans to make these priorities a reality over the next three years. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on how we can make sure we are delivering the programs and services you need in the comments section below.