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The Value of a Solid Case Statement

My first exposure to a case statement was for an organization who not only solicited donations for their cause but whose prime mission was to award grant funds to researchers for children's cancer. Their internal case statement was over 20 pages and the staff disagreed on how to move forward.  


After conducting staff training, understanding their ultimate goals, and a full review of their internal and external documents; we ended up with a solid, two-page Case Statement for public use to solicit funds. The client refers to the document as “… a clear, concise tool that we utilize weekly with amazing success.”
Since that time, I use Case Statements with clients as much as possible for the simple reason that they work! 
A Case Statement is a document that outlines your organization's history, the specific need you have, how you have and plan to meet it (with outcomes), and what you would achieve if you had additional resources. I recommend that it be a double-sided one-page document, on your letterhead, with appropriate contact information.
The key to creating a solid Case Statement is in being SPECIFIC. If your program budget is $100,000 which will fund 30 children of alcoholics to attend an evidence-based program, include the cost of the training, the social worker, the food and calculate the cost per child to attend. Make sure all donation options are available, in one easy to read document.

Use headings like: The Challenge and How We Plan to Meet It; Our Impact; How You Can Be Part of the Solution; and How to Donate and/or Learn More. Update the data regularly, and stay true to the organizational branding. This document makes a great cheat-sheet for Directors on the Board and others who might need talking points as they solicit donations on the organization's behalf. Create an attractive document you can deliver at presentations, mail to possible donors, and include as an attachment in proposals. The benefits are enormous.
What is not to love about a solid Case Statement?    
Cyndi MacKenzie, GPC has 13-years' experience and is a GPA Approved Trainer with offices in Naples, ME, and Brooksville, FL. Cyndi MacKenzie Consulting

GPC Competencies: 01. Funding Resources; 03. Effective Program/Project Design; 09. Writing Convincing Cases for Funding