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Write an article for GPA? What is in it for you?

You write all week long. You work hard, sometimes into the late evening hours, to meet deadlines, so why add more writing to your plate?
  1. How great would it be to say that you are a published author? This is particularly true if you work for a university, but any prospective employer will be impressed by seeing this on your résumé. 
  2. Have your GPC or planning to take the exam? Publishing an article will count toward qualifying you to take the exam or to maintain your certification.
  3. Love learning? Writing for publication is a great learning experience, especially when undertaking an article that will be peer reviewed for the GPA Journal or Strategy Papers. This type of technical writing is a little different from writing grant proposals. Developing an article expands your writing toolbox. If you are a good writer now, you will be even better after peer review and editing.
  4. Interested in increasing your professional profile? You will be a contributing professional and can develop a reputation as a leader in the grants field by publishing.
GPA has three publications with different levels of formality. The GPA Grant News is a weekly publication and the most casual of the three. Its articles address issues all of us face every day working with grants, but it has a conversational tone. You don't provide citations, and your voice will be light, personal, and fairly brief - not more than 600 words long. An editorial review occurs to guard against typos and to ensure readability. Piece of cake! You can do that in 15 minutes! Check it out:
Strategy Papers (SP) are published quarterly, are longer – up to five pages total – and more formal. They are peer-reviewed but require only two citations. The use of grammar and syntax is more formal, for example, not allowing pronouns or contractions. The SP addresses one idea in depth, adding a novel thought to a discussion. Being peer-reviewed means the author will receive feedback from members of the GPA Publications Committee review team (which you can join) and from the editors. Any writer can learn much from this experience! And now SPs are also published in the Journal at the end of each year, so you get twice as much exposure. See Strategy Papers here:
The Journal is the most formal of our publications and is published in November each year. Articles are longer, broader, and more in-depth. Also peer-reviewed, Journal articles require at least three citations, correct use of grammar and syntax, and a complete discussion of issues with recommendations for future applications of the concepts addressed. Read more about the Journal:
At this moment, there are only five slots left for article submissions to GPA Grant News, so if you want to write a 600-word article in 2018, contact Kelli Romero immediately at
A 50-word proposal for an SP or a 300-word proposal for the Journal is welcome anytime. However, we have an upcoming deadline for the 2018 Journal of the GPA: January 22, 2018.
What's your great idea for an article? Submit a proposal now, and the editors will help you move forward. For SPs, submit to; and for the Journal, submit to
The GPA Publications Committee wants to help you advance in your career! Write or volunteer with us. Join one of our editorial teams or become a reviewer. We want you! 
Barbara Roberts is the Grants Development Specialist at Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation in Tempe, Arizona. She is a GPA member since 2007 and began co-editing the Journal that year, then became leader of the Strategy Paper planning committee, and since 2014 has been chair of the publications committee. Reach Barbara at




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