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History in the Making

One month from now will be a historic time. Although, probably not for the reason that you are thinking. It will be historic as there will be over 600 Grant Professionals gathered for the 2016 edition of the Grant Professionals Association Annual Conference in Atlanta. Staff is busy with the final preparations to make this another fantastic conference where the grant people meet. We are excited to see many familiar friends and excited to meet new members and first time attendees to the conference.

Speaking of new members, GPA continues to grow as we welcome new members to the community. It is through your efforts as grant professionals to share with others the value of belonging to our community that have made this possible. We are committed to continuing to enhance the value of membership through the benefits, education, and services we offer.

One of the enhancements to our educational benefits is in our library of recorded webinars. Recently the Professional Growth and Development Committee reviewed all of the GPA recorded webinars. They identified those that were no longer useful which were removed and identified those that need to be updated which we will be doing in the next year. They also classified all of the webinars in our library based on the GPC Competencies so you have another resource to help you on your path to the GPC credential.

We have also worked with our website partner to overhaul and improve the GPA Consultant's Directory to make it easier for search and allow consultants to present a better picture of the services they can provide. If you are a consultant or need some short term or long term assistance from a fellow GPA member, I encourage you to check out the enhanced directory.

Finally, we have several projects in development that we will be announcing in the next few months. These initiatives will support the growing needs of our chapters and members to connect with each other and learn from each other.

The GPA staff is excited about these changes and the growth of the GPA, its chapters, and the annual conference. We are focused on making sure that GPA is recognized as THE authority in the grants profession. Together there is more history to be made by grant professionals and the GPA. We invite you to continue on this journey with us and let us know how we can support you in your professional life.