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How do you feel, professionally? With these grant hands!

Doing good because, we are good at it.
Folks may ask, “Is grant writing the right job for me?” Sometimes this is a rhetorical question, sometimes a plea for an affirmation. Most of the time, it is a question we must ask of ourselves – and only we know the answer. When I think about what I do for a living, it all boils down to: reading, writing, reviewing and recommending!

How do you feel about your work? Seriously, are you fulfilled by your job or are you just a cog in the wheel of the global economy?


Okay, from the top – this time with feeling!
A career in grants is the right career for me. Working in development, especially in the grant profession allows me to do what I am really good at, help others! I like to be needed and when I can, I want to be the one and only “grant guy” you call. I'll probably not want to travel too far, or meet too early. Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays are good!

I am a fixer, a researcher, and I love persuasive writing. Tell me what you need and I'll craft a solution. We will work together to determine your grant readiness, recruit a writing team, devise a plan of attack, do some research, build a draft, and I'll send you a second draft to review.  I like to get my grant hands dirty. Together - we got this.

Man that's Granted-up
Like a plumber who can smell the problem from the street before he knocks on the client's door, a grant professional knows the familiar sounds and signs of a messed up grant. Financial reports and programmatic reports aren't syncing. Vague emails from auditors lurk in our inbox. Something on the budget-to-actuals looks a bit “funny.” Why is the purchasing director calling me on Saturday? The grant accountant hasn't found the copies of the canceled check. Why won't the project manager make eye contact with me? Our job is to figure out how the grant got so messed up and make sure it doesn't happen again.

A lot can go wrong during the implementation and reporting phases. But, the feeling of getting it right is intoxicating. When the grant stars align perfectly in the clear blue sky, the bids come in under budget, and the construction forecast doesn't call for thunderstorms, you must be living right.

Getting it right means the grant project or program will serve its intended constituents and make a measurable impact. Grant professionals know the feeling when people in need get the services and the nonprofit achieves its mission. The feeling is like, “the puppies get fed, the children learn, and the kittens find homes!”

If you like helping, love writing, and can spot a “granted-up” proposal from the coffee shop next door, then the grant profession is right for you!

Grant Knowledge and Skills
The grant process can be complicated. Grant writers, grantmakers, project managers, accountants and all manner of grant professionals make it look so easy. Show off your skills by earning your credential. The Grant Professional Certified (GPC) is administered by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute and is the premier credential in the grant profession.

Get your grant hands dirty!



By: Greg Murphy
On: 10/12/2016 08:08:50
Interesting post. Every time I say I'll glance at one of the GPA blog posts because I'm too busy to read it, I find it to catch my eye. Thanks for the quality topics. (I only have 10 months under my belt as a grant writer, so the GPC is premature for me at this time.) See you in Atlanta.
By: Steve Harrington, GPC
On: 10/12/2016 09:41:38
Great job!!! Keep up the good work.

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