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GPA's New Strategic Plan: Part II

Last month I shared some insights on the first priority of the new GPA Strategic Plan. This month I am continuing the journey with the second priority area: education and professional development.

The second priority listed in the 2018 - 2020 GPA Strategic Plan is for GPA to “Provide education and professional development opportunities for the grants community”. We have defined this as providing educational, professional, and leadership development opportunities at the national, regional, and chapter level designed to enhance members' expertise and careers.

What this means for you as a grant professional is GPA will remain focused on giving you the tools and resources you need to be successful in your role and to advance the professionalism of the grants profession. The three focus areas for this priority area are: 1. Developing a comprehensive professional development program including topics delivered through different mediums and platforms; 2. Initiating ongoing leadership development for GPA and our Chapters; and 3. Evaluating the feasibility of a standard curriculum for formal grant training programs.

GPA will continue to make improvements in our educational offerings at the GPA Annual Conference to ensure it remains the premier conference in the grants profession. We will begin exploring how to deliver content to members who can not attend in person events through enhancement of our webinar series and exploring virtual participation options for events like the GPA Annual Conference. As we develop the platforms for delivering professional development content from GPA Headquarters, we will investigate ways to make this available to GPA chapters as well.

GPA Chapters are the local face of the organization and an important connecting point for many of our members. GPA has made a commitment to strengthen our chapters, including the new Chapter Leaders Training meeting in April, development of online resources, and strengthening our network of Regional Representatives to support chapters. We remain steadfast in our approach to help you develop leadership skills for your chapter and for you as a professional.

As we work to further enhance the profession, GPA will be evaluating the possibility of creating a standard curriculum for those in the grants profession. We envision that this will guide future development of grant professional training programs offered through educational institutions and by private sector training organizations. The development of this curriculum will support our strategic priority to establish GPA as ‘The Authority' in the grants profession and enhance the professionalism of our members and others in the grants profession.

The creation of a professional development and education strategy as outline in this plan will assist GPA leadership and staff to ensure we are delivering the content you need where you can access it and use it to advance yourself and better serve your organization. Next month I will continue with sharing our plans for improving service to you, the GPA members, in the next priority: Improving GPA Membership. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on how we can make sure to get you the education and professional development you need in the comments.

Update by: Mike Chamberlain, MBA, CAE - Chief Executive Officer of GPA