3 Compelling Reasons Strong Needs Statements Improve Grant Proposals

As grant writers, our magic power is the ability to convince others through compelling writing that an organization or project is:


The Road Ahead

The last issue of the GPA Grant News included the Annual Reports from GPA and our affiliates, GPCI and GPF. These reports provide a summary of the activities and significant accomplishments of your organizations during 2016. We are committed to building on these successes. Here are just a few of the ways we will be doing this during 2017.

Using Relevant and Current Data in a Needs Statement


Developing a strong statement of need that conveys to your reader just how critical your services are to the community is my favorite part of grant writing. It combines using data with personal stories, and if done correctly, spells out exactly the reasons why your services are integral to your community. As someone who enjoys pouring through local data and census tables, I particularly relish compiling data to show trends, needs, and opportunities for growth.

Making Time to Stay Current

Have you ever looked at the statistics and research you have been using in your statement of need for years and realize you have been using them for years?

But We NEED the Money!

One of my beloved clients told me he wanted to apply for a grant. I asked him to describe the community needs and his nonprofit needs. His reply, “We need the money. Is that not a need?

After taking a deep breath, I remembered an adage my career military husband says, “Well, that is a plan, but it is the wrong plan.” I did not reply with that statement, however.


The Art of Storytelling for Successful Donor Cultivation

I often find that many people struggle when trying to relay their nonprofit's story in 30 seconds or less. Maybe they are not good salespeople or maybe they assume everyone knows their organization's story already. I do not know, but I see it time and again. I do know, however, from 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, that a good story is key to successful donor and funder cultivation.


Setting Expectations

You probably have been in situations where your organizational colleagues ask you to predict if a proposal will be successful. Their interest may be casual, or they may be formulating plans based on your answer. What do you say? You want to be optimistic, of course. You also know that not every proposal can receive an award. 


Membership Matters - Spring 2017

Grant professionals from around the world turn to GPA for resources, training and connections. From beginners to experts, from grant proposal writers to grant managers, and from every sector in the industry, GPA membership dollars support all types of grant professionals in countless ways. At GPA, our training and education programs build skills that benefit all grant professionals. Our chapters organize and host programs that support skill development and networking to ensure our members grow professionally. Our new online community (GrantZone) creates an exciting place for members to make connections, ask questions, share grant stories and exchange resources.


I was having one of those days, full of what the Chinese call "monkey mind", where your thoughts are zooming from place to place, with no particular rhyme or reason. I don't remember the exact day but I'm certain there was a grant deadline involved, and I was waiting for data from someone I was convinced was avoiding me. And suddenly in the midst of the whirlwind, it hit me…"I've been doing this for 20 years!" Twenty years. Two decades. I'm pretty sure it's not what I envisioned at the beginning of this journey. 

Funder Cultivation Strategy: International Grant Professionals Day (#IGPD)

Funder Cultivation through #IGPD Education
International Grant Professionals Day (#IGPD) is a long-term strategy to cultivate funders, grow and maintain relationships, and educate others about the grant profession. Cultivation and relationship strategies, like so many long-term strategies, are multi-pronged. Education about the grant profession is a powerful tool and a terrific platform to start a conversation.