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Positioning Your Nonprofit for Success: Prioritize Capacity and Sustainability

When an organization relies heavily on foundation funding, that often means most of its financial support comes with deliverables attached. If this is the case, how does the organization build a sustainable approach to fundraising that ensures the deliverables are measuring top organizational priorities is feasible given the projected budget?


Finding the Needle in a Haystack - Why Good Prospecting Matters

I am sure it won’t come as a shock to you that prospect research is an integral component of the grants lifecycle. That’s old news. We can do our due diligence by researching funders through online sources (such as Instrumentl or Foundation Directory Online) and find out which funders match our organization’s mission, geographic area, and have open applications. However, we’re going to explore Prospect Research 2.0 and dig into some other considerations as you try to find the best funders.


Professional Convergence

A friend of mine likes to call me the “Guy Behind the Guy,” which he fondly coined “GBTG.” I admit that this phrase does fit me quite well. After all, I’m like one of the backup singers in the movie that I love so, “Twenty Feet from Stardom.” Bucket list? Perhaps no. This IS what I do: I complete the ensemble, cinching the rhythm and sound, lifting the lead singers to a level beyond their singular capabilities.

How to Develop a Guidance Document (outline) to Set the Stage for a Successful Grant

A successful grant writer establishes oneself through the rigors of trial and error.  In order to sharpen one’s skills as a grant writer, it becomes essential to focus your attention to detail and learn to read the words (criteria in this case) in between the lines.  Anyone can write a grant, but not everyone is awarded the grant.  In order to raise the stakes and improve your chances of getting funded, it is important that you learn to dissect the Request for Funding (RFP) and understand the priorities of the agency you are requesting funds from. This skill that is developed over time can be tricky to the amateur learning the ropes of grant writing.