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Grant Roles & Responsibilities

My career in grants started with a “deep dive” into the middle of a grant application cycle with the charge of getting 14 Small-Cities HUD Community Development Block grant applications (CDBG) ready for submittal in 14 weeks. I worked as part of a small team charged with this task. To give you some context, these applications were created in the age of no computer, no GIS mapping software, no digital cameras, etc. We actually had to go out in the field to collect data, do surveys, take pictures, and find resources to build our case for funding.


Active 2019 Leads to 2020 Expected Grant Updates

Here’s the Year in Review with Anticipated Actions To Come
Significant changes in 2019 indicate more to come in 2020. Here are some highlights to monitor as updates will surely follow.


Why Certify?

Grant professionals are excellent multi-taskers with numerous deadlines, logic models, evaluation plans, password changes, and project directors or clients demanding our time. With our full to-do lists, the idea of studying for a certification test may seem like a low priority or something to achieve when you have extra time. I believe seeking and securing certification made me a better grant professional, and I encourage you to prioritize your certification or re-certification this year.

Eight Words and Phrases to Avoid in Grant Proposals – One Grant Writer’s List

As grant writers, we want to write compelling proposals, using language that creates empathy for our cause and those we serve, conveys authority, and persuades reviewers to fund our programs.

How to Say It in 20 Seconds or Less

There is always more to learn about how to research and find the best funders for your organization. But what happens when it’s time to talk to that potential funder? What do you say? How do you get their attention and fuel their curiosity? How can you talk about your nonprofit without overwhelming them with details? Funders and donors are deluged with requests so you need to stand out…and try to say it in 20 seconds or less! To do this, consider developing a value proposition, which can also serve as your “elevator speech”.


Forging a friendship through the GPA Journal

They say hardship can forge the strongest friendships. I’m positive I’ll be friends with my GPA Journal co-author Amanda Neese for life! We had a great opportunity to research something important to us, and something important to the field: grant professional performance metrics.