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Archive December 2019

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When the Frisbee Hits You: A Trip Down Perception Lane

When passing by a garden, some people see an individual flower, while others see a flower field. When my husband and I walk to the park, he’ll see things I barely notice. He’ll comment on a new fence being built or he’ll see a spray paint mark leftover from a charity race. My brain, in turn, tends to take in the bigger picture of an environment instead of specific details. I’ll notice vans lining up at the park with a few adults placing safety cones on the grass. Kids pile out of the vans in matching shirts and I suggest we turn around to avoid disrupting (what I concluded to be) a soccer practice. My husband, however, is still considering the fence. He continues to share his thoughts on cement, the supremacy of the metric system and other related topics.


Group Projects – The Bane of My Existence

For those of you who know me this may come as a shock, but I hate group projects. I mean, I seriously loathe them. You remember high school and college when the professor would randomly assign you to a group of 4-5 students and then expect you to wow the class with a report of some kind? My frustration did not come from a place of hating collaboration, but rather my overachieving-self wanting a perfect grade. That usually meant picking up the slack for fellow committee members who were perfectly comfortable with a “B”. (Have I mentioned I was a little uptight when it came to my grade point average?)

The More Things Change: Strategies for Grant Professionals Seeking Institutional Buy-in

In the grants profession, change occurs on an almost daily basis. Funder requirements are updated, federal regulations evolve, and new submission or reporting technologies are introduced—just to name a few.

But what happens when the institution you work for is the one making the change?