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Archive November 2019

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The Psychology of Delivery

For this year’s Grant Professionals Association (GPA) conference in Washington, D.C., I partnered with Deborah (Deb) Cook, who like me, is an academic grant professional with deep roots in biology. Together, we offered a breakout session we entitled “Pivoting the Message using Grant Architecture and Storytelling.” Co-presenting takes significantly extra preparation time relative to going solo.

Grant Prospecting: It Takes a Village, So Develop One!

Whether you are a new grants professional or an experienced one, you are regularly asked about how to get grants. Those with specific projects in mind are also tasking you with finding the right grant opportunity, or maybe even adapting a project idea to be grant-worthy. There are many variables in this process including timing, project scope, innovativeness, organizational capacity for grant management that must be considered when prospecting grant opportunities to ensure the best alignment.